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AMCSTI Annual conference 2017 : Explore the transition

5, 6, 7 july 2017 in Bordeaux


The professional network of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Cultures (STIC) invites you to participate in the 35th edition of its conference to rethink the place of science mediation in a world in transition. The Amcsti conference will take place on 5, 6 and 7 July 2017 in Bordeaux, the regional capital of New Aquitaine, in close collaboration with Cap Sciences. In the face of the rise of post-truth and of the changes in our society, the diversity of actions and the places of mediation of the sciences are one of the keys to the development of the critical mind of citizenship. Under what conditions will the spaces for knowledge sharing and co-development of knowledge in the multiplicity of approaches be able to accompany the transitions? And more broadly, what roles will tomorrow play in scientific, technical and industrial cultures?



Amcsti: the French national network of science centres and museums

Amcsti (association of museums and centres for the development of scientific, technical and industrial culture) brings together around 250 scientific, technical and industrial culture organisations. It is also the key international network in France.