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34 Polish science centres team up for #ISCSMD

We are celebrating the first International Science Center and Science Museum Day! On this occasion the Copernicus Science Centre and 34 other science institutions all over Poland have prepared additional attractions, shows, exhibitions, workshops and a lot of experiments for all visitors.

Here, in Copernicus, you will find a special visiting path which shows how science supports the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have also invited our friends from science centres in Wrocław and Chęciny to present their shows. Together, we will check sugar and vitamin C content in different products and experiment with dry ice. Our other guests include physicists from the University of Warsaw, chemists from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and psychologists from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. We will look at the smog in microscale and try to do some quizzes on climate. And last but not least, our visitors will have a chance to take part in real research and contribute to the development of science.

Scientists from the Young Explorer’s Club are also here. With them you can check if water has a “skin”, build a hot volcano and “squeeze” power from fruit.


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Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre conducts modern science communication through interactive exhibitions addressed to different groups (adults, adolescents and children), shows and workshops on scientific themes, debates and discussions as well as activities from the borderland of science and art. The mission of the Centre is to encourage personal engagement in discovering and understanding the world, as well as taking responsibility for the changes occurring around us.