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Top tips from Joanna Kalinowska

This month we are pleased to hear from Joanna Kalinowska, Development Director at Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Let's find out what keeps Joanna inspired:

Reading - For those who want to and must work with change, "The practice of adaptive leadership" by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky – a powerful and practical guide to learn about group work and difficulties in facing challenging changes. For those who are interested in the human body and its sexuality, "Come as you are" by Emily Nagoski, an important book – for girls but maybe more importantly, for boys. And one that I always come back to, "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Listening to - A podcast for all those who are working in a mission, in driven environments and are facing the responsibility that comes with it: "Feminist Survival Project", it is wise, science based, funny and it includes a ukulele tune wich is always great!

Music that drives me, PJ Harvey in all forms and shapes. This girl empowers me, makes me think, laugh, and cry. She is a powerhouse on her own. And a music that is in me, Bach Cello Suites performed by Yo-Yo Ma, this is for me a music of the Universe. It just always was and always will be.

Recently visited - The Musée de la chasse et de la nature in Paris (recommended to me by Ecsite friends as well!), amazing little pearl in the Paris crown of museums. Full of surprises, undertones and unexpected art inspired by nature. I recommend for anyone who has been working in a museum for some time now, it really is a refreshing approach to exhibitions.


Copernicus Science Centre

Copernicus Science Centre conducts modern science communication through interactive exhibitions addressed to different groups (adults, adolescents and children), shows and workshops on scientific themes, debates and discussions as well as activities from the borderland of science and art. The mission of the Centre is to encourage personal engagement in discovering and understanding the world, as well as taking responsibility for the changes occurring around us.