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Melania Trump and Poland’s First Lady at Copercinus Science Centre today

Melania Trump at the Copernicus Science Centre with Director Robert Firmhofer, 6 July 2017. Credit A. Steifer

On the 6th of July 2017 the Copernicus Science Centre welcomed the USA’s First Lady, Melania Trump, who joined President Donald Trump in his official visit to Poland.

At the Copernicus Melania Trump and Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser – Duda participated in activities connected with acquiring digital competences. They were also introduced to innovative educational solutions used at the Copernicus to encourage young people to use new technologies to experiment, construct and create. The First Ladies met children who took part in a coding physical computing workshop and were impressed with the result of their work. They joined children in conducting a flower orchestra, acquainted themselves with Dash Robot and saw a unique robotic dress and electro-fashion accessories. The First Ladies also enjoyed experimenting with Copernicus’s exhibits. The visit was a great occasion to introduce the idea of science centres to Melania Trump.

“Creativity, innovation and the ability to use cutting edge technologies for social purposes are indispensable 21st century skills and science centres help develop them. Thanks to interactive exhibits we can get better understanding of how science works and why it is trustworthy. We experiment and use scientific methods to explore the nature, just like the scientist do.”, said Robert Firmhofer, Chief Executive Officer of the Copernicus Science Centre, who welcomed Melania Trump to our institution.

“I had the opportunity to visit the Copernicus Science Centre today and found it not only informative, but thoughtful in its mission, which is to inspire people to observe, experiment, ask questions and seek answers, said Melania Trump in her speech at the Krasiński Square. I can think of no better purpose for such a wonderful Science Centre. Thank you to all who were involved in giving us the tour, especially the children, who made it such a wonderful experience.”


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