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MusiKUSS exhibition sneak peek with jukebox
MusiKUSS exhibition sneak peek with pianoMusiKUSS exhibition sneak peek with headphones

Currently, many exciting stations await our visitors at the MusiKUSS hands-on exhibition: People can try, how sound is propagated or discover how hearing and singing actually work! Visitors paint their own piece of music with Kandinsky's colors or write their names with Mozart's music! They’ll play on our floor piano and learn about different genres and European music history along the way! Get more information here!


Landesmuseum für Kärnten

Hands-on museum for people interested in a wide range of topics from the age of six. We offer workshops and exhibitions on history, art, social issues, science and technology. Using appropriate teaching methods, we curate topics in a way that they can be understood with all senses, grasped with enjoyment and linked to one's own everyday life.