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Annual national conference 2018 - Science and citizen engagement

1 May 2018 - 30 May 2018
  • Local/national conference

New forms of relations between science and society are being developed. This multiplicity of actions responds to the desire of a category of publics to be actors. Overall, the field of knowledge sharing and mediation is, as always, evidence of significant creativity and the implications of audiences are changing dramatically. Cultural change, the need to act collectively, science is now at the heart of political and societal issues. The crisis of confidence in institutions leads some citizens to question the knowledge sometimes leading opinions to take over knowledge. How can we develop actions to combat this? Collectively share our ideas, our points of view, and make recommendations together. That's the whole program of this 36th congress. Open to all, it's a unique time to meet more than 300 professionals from all walks of life.



Amcsti: the French national network of science centres and museums

Amcsti (association of museums and centres for the development of scientific, technical and industrial culture) brings together around 250 scientific, technical and industrial culture organisations. It is also the key international network in France.