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Mini Darwin alle Galápagos

A flexible travelling exhibition, with a scenography of the Galapagos islands, 4 animal reproductions, a big slideshow with original pictures, compuer games and Darwin himself... Evolution, biodiversity, exploration of the islands, etc. are all explained with the words of the children who took part to the expedition. A series of laboratoy activities accompany the exhibition.

In December 2006 and January 2007 a group of children and scientists stayed on the Galápagos Islands to retrace Darwin’s footsteps. Organised by SISSA Medialab, this experience gave rise to a travelling exhibition.

Intended for young visitors or schools, the exhibition features images of the trip and nature in the Galápagos, as well as the children’s own stories. The exhibition has a companion illustrated children’s book.

Accompanied by full-scale models of iguanas, giant turtles, blue-footed boobies and sea lions, the teaching laboratories and multimedia stations enable children to explore evolutionary strategies and the laws governing the survival of species.

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Sissa Medialab

Sissa Medialab is a not for profit company owned by SISSA-International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste. It specializes in all forms of science communication with a strong international viewpoint, relying on a network of thousands of scientists around the world. It caters both to the general public, from small children to adults, and to the scientific community.

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