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What is light? How does it influence our daily life? How do we share it? Luminipolis explores the nature of light with a twist. Based on the concept of escape games, it invites visitors, as part of a team or as individual, to learn more about the science of light by solving riddles and collecting clues. But time is off the essence in this experience and visitors only have a set amount of time in order to collect the right answers and unlock the exit door of Luminopolis.  

This is a new approach tried by Cap Sciences for its exhibitions. Visitors can explore freely the gallery space and choose from a selection of 41 enigmas. For each problem, there is a solution, a word that can be collected by the team or single participant. The journey can be adapted to the audience offering six possible visitor journey of one hour, each with a specific difficulty level.

At the heart of the exhibition, an immersive art piece Lux Aeterna by Adela Andrea explores how light play a central role in any communication tools we use today. Creating an almost nature-like landscape using synthetic materials, it is inspired by the relationship between nature and technological progress, showcasing the complex balance between the two.

Luminopolis runs until 21/05/18 at Cap Sciences.

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