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Digital immersion in science centres and museums

14.06.2023 | 09:00 - 17:45

Wednesday 14 Jun 2023

Planetarium Hall

Planetarium Hall
Exhibit development

Let’s pave the way toward the future of science communication using immersive digital technologies by creating the experience of tomorrow together! More organisations are investing in temporary and permanent immersive spaces. While these experiences have tremendous potential to offer, we see numerous challenges arise when it comes to creating sustainable business models and realizing the full potential of new technologies for educational purposes.

In this workshop, we explore the opportunities and challenges that present themselves when trying to create and improve upon digital immersive experiences. Various strategies can enhance the collective, educational, interactive, and memorable nature of the experience. Speakers and participants have the opportunity to share their immersive projects and the lessons they learned along the way. Next, using a design thinking approach, the groups of participants identify a particular challenge they encountered when creating, developing, financing and running these spaces.

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

- Be inspired by a variety of digital immersive projects.
- Ask questions and receive answers with regard to state-of-the-art technologies and how they can lead to fun learning experiences.
- Rethink content and the optimal way to deliver it to a given audience.
- Explore the impact of immersion when it comes to stimulating peoples' emotions, empathy and learning.
- Implement a design thinking approach to prototype an immersive experience.
- Create a rich network of peers.


Directrice des Editions et Transmédia - Digital director

Session speakers

Her creative firm has been reinventing learning for over 20 years, combining games and technology to make content interesting and accessible. She and her team work alongside science centers from France and Canada, and together they explore how phygital and immersive technologies offer incredible opportunities to create memorable collaborative experiences that spark curiosity and fun. She will draw from her breadth of experience to identify challenges and share the lessons learned along the way.
Picture of Dave Patten
Head of New Media
United Kingdom
Dave has 35 years experience of developing and commissioning digital experiences for the sector. Recent work includes VR and audio soundscapes. For the last couple of years, he has been exploring immersive experiences in many forms including audio, mixed reality and large scale projection experiences. He is excited by the role that interactive immersive projections can have in engaging audiences with science and the opportunity they provide for the sector to think about new exhibition models.
Stephane Berghmans
Stephane Berghmans is leading Technopolis for five years now and is currently rolling out a renovation of all exhibits. Stephane has been active in innovation for many years and aims to apply this knowledge in the science center world. Technopolis recently opened an interactive immersive zone in co-creation with partners. Technopolis believes these innovative experiences make science and technology more accessible to the general population and are a future business model for science centers.
Project Manager
La Casemate is currently building a new science center to host its activities. This brand-new venue is set to host a permanent digital immersive space, complete with two enormous side screens and high-quality projections. It is set to showcase and develop a variety of innovative experiences. Being a work in progress, this project also has many lessons to offer in terms of the challenges it has overcome and still has to go.
Senior Experience Designer
Fabrice has many years of expertise in the fields of museology, user experience, game design and research. He was the senior curator at Universcience, head of the Digital Design Studio at the Greenwich Royal Museum and manager of the GameLab at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Paris before joining Novelab in 2020. In this session, he will draw from his vast experience in choosing the right technology as the vehicle for content.
President and CEO (Interim)

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