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Kitsat is a fully functional satellite that has been made for STEAM education by schools and science centers in classrooms or outside on exciting missions up to the stratosphere. Made with less pricey parts than the real satellites, it can be built, tested, and used by small teams just like its space-faring counterparts. A hands-on session with a satellite helps to understand the basics of space technology – an essential part of modern society – and the educational material adapted for different age groups links space with more earthly subjects ranging from technology to climate change.

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Lunamind creates interactive software for cognitive skills monitoring and enhancement. Our Smart Sensory Games collect data continuously and provide individual assessment juxtaposed to aggregated data. In this way, users are able to receive a personalized dashboard of their cognitive skills performance, in the context of their overall improvement and in comparison to the aggregate mean. We developed these systems for use in educational systems, and in this unique offering, invite ECSITE partners to take on leading roles in empowering individuals and communities.

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Matheatre performs engaging stage musicals that connect audiences with science and math concepts through the dramatisation of science history. They also offer theatre workshops for science communicators to tell compelling stories about abstract concepts. Matheatre has been presented by Science Centre Singapore, National Taiwan Science Education Center, The National Atomic Testing Museum (part of the Smithsonian Institution) and elsewhere. They also release free educational entertainment on TikTok.

Booth 04

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre creates world-class exhibitions and experiences for all. Since 1989 Heureka has produced over 30 touring exhibitions. Our exhibitions have travelled to 28 countries and over 28 million people worldwide have seen them.

On top of the traveling exhibitions we offer the state-of-the-art edutainment world through full offering of all science centre related services from consulting to exhibit copies.

For further information please contact Heureka Overseas Productions Ltd. hop@heureka.fi and see www.heureka.fi/hop.

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For more than 10 years now, the NHMT has been developing successful travelling exhibitions, and often design, open, and operate permanent installations and venues around the world.

The NHMT draws on the expertise of its renowned scientists to provide fun and high-quality exhibitions, combined with an immersive design. We currently operate seven exhibitions from 150 up to 750 square meters. Highly interactive, our exhibitions also include a large number of specimens from our collections.

Booth 08
National Geographic

For more than 130 years, National Geographic has been documenting our extraordinary planet and all that is in it.

We bring stories of adventure, world cultures and wild places to life in exhibitions, live events and experiences that are designed to be shared with audiences of all ages. We partner with museums, science centers, universities, and galleries all over the world on relevant and important projects.

From large scale interactives to stunning photography shows, National Geographic Traveling Exhibitions are a window to the world.

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MINTaktiv is an association from technical museums and science centers in German-speaking countries, which together contribute to the popularization of science and technology. You can find examples of our work on the project page (https://www.mintaktiv.de/projekte/).

Booth 10
Dino Don, Inc. More than just Dinosaurs

We are an international leader in developing and touring blockbuster natural history exhibitions, with a staff of 25 in four countries navigating the globe is our nature.

Over our nearly 30-year history as an exhibitions company, we have partnered in artifact loans with the governments of Russia, China, Mongolia and Argentina, and organizations as varied as Universal Studios and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to create exhibitions seem by more than 10 million people in 10 countries.

Booth 12

As an experience-factory and artistic collective, our work is about inspiring astonishment and inviting people to dream. It plays with fire and water, light and mist, voltage and energy. All installations correspond with the highest technical standards, are tailor-made for the specific space and situation, and all are individually planned and conceived by Judith Mann and her team.

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In its quest for a diverse cultural content, Cirque Eloize created Eloize Expo to produce immersive and meaningful exhibition. In 2021, ARCTIC was presented in Montreal and Québec City receiving an outstanding success and welcoming over 100 000 visitors.

Over 25 years Cirque Éloize’s productions have proudly boasted more than 5,500 theatrical performances in over 576 cities for over 5 million spectators. In addition to its touring shows, more than 1,800 Cirque Éloize-designed events have taken place worldwide.

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SkySpirit GmbH

SkySpirit Spatial Arts and Science Installations that take off!
Immersive - Experiential - Interactive - Educational - Bionic

Design of installations that involve autonomous flying objects in choreography, choreographed swarm robots in an artistic design yet educational.
Interactive STEM topics such as programming, bionics and further topics are part of our unique installations.

SkySpirits experiential installations are a fusion of art, technology and education!

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YIPP logo

Hi, we are YIPP! We make interactives & games for science centers and museums

Booth 17

We create complete solutions for museums and science centers with our building and media management tool Neuroom.Net.

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DIE ZEIT, Germany’s leading weekly with more than 600.000 sold copies and a readership of almost 2,3 Mio stands for first-rate journalism. DIE ZEIT adopts points of view, discusses perspectives and shapes opinions on pertinent topics. Its background reports, big stories and opinionated editorials make DIE ZEIT an important source of information as well as a medium of orientation for readers at all ages. Those primarily belong to the best-educated and high-income sections of the German speaking society and are highly interested in academic education, academic careers and lifelong learning programs.

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MizarLabs Logo

We work with organizations such as museums and science centers to design scientific, educational, fun and interactive experiences. We develop exhibitions, brand area designs and software projects for them. In our concept development processes; We attach great importance to storytelling, target group analysis and the integrity and harmony of all areas with each other. We oer all services under the same roof, including area design, experimental setup design, graphic design, interactive displays and software.

Booth 22

Musealia is an independent Spanish company dedicated to creating and managing traveling exhibitions that explore powerful stories from our past to illuminate the present and inspire new ways of thinking about our future. With more than 20 years of international experience, our exhibitions are characterized by their strong narrative character, their historical rigor, educational value and emotional impact.

More than 70 museums and institutions in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, Poland or Spain have hosted our exhibitions.

Booth 23

Experts in production, distribution, and marketing of Immersive Edutainment that leaves a positive impact on the audience. Providing excellent marketing support over 20 years we are a leader of high-end content for 360° fulldome and Giant Screen Theaters located at science centers, museums, and planetariums.

New Reef Original production, Legend of the Enchanted Reef, is now available in addition to SPACE EXPLORERS: The ISS Experience - ADAPT, In Saturn's Rings, Star Dreaming, Legends of the Northern Sky and more.

Booth 24

Sharp NEC Display Solutions offers one of the broadest visual solutions portfolios in the industry, innovating in LCD displays, lamp and laser projectors and dvLED. Sharp/NEC has a reputation for quality, reliability, and industry-leading customer support.

Chosen and trusted by many leading organizations in the Museum and Leisure market we develop close partnerships with customers. We seek to ensure our display technology meets the needs and is an enabler for engaging story-telling, digital signage and impactful digital surfaces. Reliable and robust display technology designed for our eco-friendly world.

Booth 25
EXPO Booking logotype

EXPO Booking is a cloud-based management system developed for Science Centers and Museums. The system has been developed to handle the complex structure of school bookings, group bookings, workshops, conference, teacher education programs, birthday parties or other activities with high resource utilization, and to provide support and views for communication, tickets, visitor management, online payment, contracts, planning, reports, statistics and much more.

Today EXPO Booking collaborate with several Science Centers and Museums in Europe helping and supporting them in their everyday work.

Booth 27

Sky-Skan, an Ecsite Conference Sponsor since 2002, is a global leader offering innovative and multi-media products and services to communicate science using cutting edge visualisation technologies. Today, using the largest collection of scientifically accurate data sets available, together with advanced multimedia presentation capabilities, Sky-Skan equippied theaters and exhibitions, immerse audiences in other Worlds. With our turnkey theater systems and DigitalSky Dark Matter Software, audiences are transported from the smallest known particles to edge of the known universe. Please stop by our booth to say hello.

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Mapcards.net is a leading European company specializing in the production of 3D lenticular prints. It has the widest range of astronomy & science related products available on the market. Thanks to unique software and technology, we can create True 3D products out of one single photograph or picture. Our 3D cards, magnets, bookmarks and rulers can be found not only in planetariums and science centers but also in natural history and technology museums, health & medicine museums, bookshops or aquariums. Besides our standard product lines, we also create products on demand.

Booth 29

ZEISS is a global provider of planetarium projectors and digital fulldome systems including the world famous UNIVIEW 3D planetarium software.

Booth 30

dreiform. Creating Knowledge Experiences. Since 2001 we have been developing holistic concepts for customer dialogue, innovation and knowledge transfer, interactive tools and inspiring working environments. Strategically and content-wise. Haptic and digital. Phygital and: always new.

Booth 33

Do you need exciting products in your museum shop?

At Robetoy we are always working to keep our museum assortment up to date. In our webshop you will find the latest and the classics within toys suitable for Science Centers, Historical museums and Aquariums.

Welcome and visit us at www.robetoy.eu or contact me Robert Holmgren at Robert.holmgren@robetoy and I will send you a log in account to the webshop.

Short history of Robetoy.Robetoy was founded 1950 by my grandfather Robert Holmgren and today we are 25 employees doing our best to support museums and toy shops with toys and gifts.

Booth 34

Kraftwerk Living Technologies is one of the leading companies in the field of integrated media technology solutions and media-based attractions. Headquartered in Austria and with offices and projects all around the globe, we are your partner for immersive shared experiences – from hybrid dome theaters and turnkey attractions to advanced audiovisual solutions for museums, visitor centers, brand lands, and more…


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Discover and experience the world of science and technology with fascinating exhibits!

Exhibits as a Service

- Full service for a fixed price per month
- NONE large one-time investment
- Continual renewal of the exhibitions through alternating exhibits
- Contributes to the circular economy

With our do-exhibits, you learn about the fundamental principles of science and technology in a fun and accessible way. By discovering and exploring the world around you for yourself, you will get to experience just how very special everyday life is.

Booth 37

Bruns will bring stories to life by developing and producing high-quality exhibitions and exhibits. The combination of curiosity, modern craftsmanship and technical creativity makes stories readable and perceptible.

"You can tell and read stories and experience them through Bruns"

Since 1963 Bruns has gained knowledge and experience in the museum world. The expertise of our family business has expanded worldwide. In addition to museum projects, we also transform science centres, visitor and information centres and brand experience centres into eye-catching phenomena.

Booth 38
Heijmerink Wagemakers, HWVA, museums, science centers, experiences, exhibits

For more than 30 years, Heijmerink Wagemakers has specialised in developing and realising exceptional experiences, exhibitions and interiors for museums, science centres and brands (brand experiences).

The combination of project management, technical development and implementation within our own organisation and the close cooperation with architects and design bureaus, enables Heijmerink Wagemakers to offer turn-key solutions. With our own workshop in Vianen and a network of specialised suppliers, we deliver high-quality projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries.

Booth 39

MCW is a creative multimedia agency based in Rotterdam. Creative, as we are always able to step outside the bounds of the conventional to find a perfect and unique solution. Multimedia, as evidenced by the variety of studios that seamlessly combine their particular specialities: internet, cross-media, 3D visuals & animation, film and sound. And our Rotterdam roots ensure that we never lose sight of how vital the results are to our clients.

Whether you need corporate storytelling, interactive museum exhibits, graphic design, animation or virtual reality experiences, you've certainly come to the right place.

Booth 43

Immerse yourself into different worlds using Augmented Reality.
Move between the real and the virtual world. You work with the AR robot H.I.G.G.S. to solve tricky tasks and learn bit by bit about the causes and effects of climate change.
Find a highly interactive learning experience in a story driven format. Instead of using just digital methods or the classical exhibits we melted both concepts into one strong experience by using the best of both worlds.

A(R)dventures – 3 episodes - 18 exhibits on 200 m² - 40 Microsoft HoloLenses

Booth 44

ARCHINATURE! An exhibition about the structures that humans and animals build.

FROM ZANY TO BRAINY – THE INVENTIVE GENIUSES! Bicycle, trampoline, car, jeans, crisps – All that first had to be invented!

FROM ZANY TO BRAINY – THE INVENTOR MICE! Mice live in an attic – but these are no normal mice, they are inventor mice.

ON THE TRAIL OF THE CLOCK! Time is constantly present everywhere, you can't escape it, it is full of adventures and possibilities!

THE SMALL TOWN OF ANYTIME Many people with exciting professions live here!

Booth 45
Sisyphus Industries

A metal ball rolls silently through sand, forever creating and erasing beautiful patterns. Sisyphus is a kinetic sculpture that has mesmerized millions of visitors at its permanent installations in museums around the world. Now we bring you a museum-quality kinetic sculpture you can exhibit in your space. Choose from +1000 designs, 7 light modes and endless color choices from the free to use Sisyphus App. Curate relaxing playlists of different designs or create your own. Customize the Zen in your space. Sisyphus Industries continues to innovate new ways to bring kinetic art into your space and encourages users to spark their own inner artist.

Booth 47
Booth 48

In collaboration with leading, international museums we develop and produce touring exhibitions. Our exhibitions combine scientific curatorial expertise with immersive, interactive exhibition design and exceptional, original objects drawn from worldrenowned museums and collections. We showcase the broad and dynamic fields of archeology, history, ethnology and art history to create unique and fascinating experiences that bring past events, world cultures, art and places to life.

Booth 49

The #PACO, Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva Science Centre is an interactive science and technology museum, in Lisbon. Throughout more than 3000 m2 and hundreds of interactive and unforgettable exhibits, our visitors can enjoy and depict the meaning and power of science. In addition to exciting, high quality exhibitions in a wide range of topics, we develop professional programs for educators and educational activities that spark curiosity, creativity and critical thinking among our visitors, develop their foundational skills and contribute towards an empowerment of citizenship based on scientific knowledge.

Booth 50
Pufferfish logo

Pufferfish is an industry leader in spherical display and communication solutions.

Our products are used in science communications, education outreach, visitor attractions, corporate events and marketing events to transform spaces and deliver impact and engagement with key messaging and data.

In addition to spherical displays, our web-based solutions are used to deliver intuitive learning experiences on mobile devices.

Visit our website to learn how our solutions can bring powerful transformation to your space and elevate engagement with your science data.

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Design & Media content

Clostermann design Ltd. is a boutique company for sophisticated attraction design, media production and story development, with production offices in Cyprus, Austria and Germany. The company is organized around the artistic lead of Matthias Clostermann, who´s body of work of the last 25 years can be seen in over 100 projects all over the globe, from theme parks, science centers, musea, tourist attractions, to corporate showrooms. The company mission is to deliver stories that have yet been untold, explore true emotions and experiences, as well as to convey knowledge and insights with fun and excitement.

Booth 52
Guinness World Records

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS is one of the world's most famous and trusted brands. Established in 1955 the brand has evolved from a single publication to a worldwide publishing, media, marketing and exhibit company. At ECSITE ask about traveling exhibition and commercial marketing services. Learn how you can inspire your visitors and clients to be Officially Amazing!

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Wezit logo

Wezit is a global solution that allows you to manage the content
of all types of mediation softwares for your exhibitions.

Each component of the Wezit solution is available through a typology of different software :
Mobile applications of Progressive Web Apps, interactive terminals or tables,
and a wide range of transmedia experiences in general, to be able to offer a service that ensures tour continuity.

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Wezit logo

Wezit is a global solution that allows you to manage the content
of all types of mediation softwares for your exhibitions.

Each component of the Wezit solution is available through a typology of different software :
Mobile applications of Progressive Web Apps, interactive terminals or tables,
and a wide range of transmedia experiences in general, to be able to offer a service that ensures tour continuity.

Booth 55

Since 1975 the European Space Agency, ESA, has been pooling the resources of its Member States and leading cooperation with other nations to build a European space capability, undertaking programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country. ESA develops the launchers, spacecraft and ground facilities needed to keep Europe at the forefront of global space activities. Today, it launches satellites for Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications and astronomy, sends probes to the far reaches of the Solar System and cooperates in the human exploration of space. ESA has 22 Member States.

Booth 56

Since 1975 the European Space Agency, ESA, has been pooling the resources of its Member States and leading cooperation with other nations to build a European space capability, undertaking programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country. ESA develops the launchers, spacecraft and ground facilities needed to keep Europe at the forefront of global space activities. Today, it launches satellites for Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications and astronomy, sends probes to the far reaches of the Solar System and cooperates in the human exploration of space. ESA has 22 Member States.

Booth 57
create.eu a multimedia studio from Ghent that build interactive and immersive installations

CREATE.eu is a multimedia studio from Ghent, Belgium. The studio creates unique experiences using the latest multimedia technology.

A mix of talented creative and technical people that build interactive and immersive installations for museums, science centre's and themeparks around the world. Founded in 2006, the experienced studio offers a full service approach from content creation, animation & coding to audiovisual design & integration.

Booth 60
Science Projects Logo

Science Projects is a non-profit organisation delivering hands-on experiences to the public through its exhibitions. We are different because not only do we design and build exhibits, we also run a successful science centre and travelling exhibitions. For over 30 years we have created exhibits for projects around the world, reaching an audience of millions.

Booth 61

We develop exhibitions that promote exploration and understanding through multi-sensory experience.
Our preferred method of working is the design-and-build approach. This, together with a large in-house capacity, enables us to plan and provide turnkey solutions within a single project cycle, resulting in time savings, cost savings and, ultimately, a far more satisfactory exhibition.

Booth 62

Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS exhibitions display unique collections of real human specimens preserved by the technique of plastination. The various exhibitions, each focusing on a specific theme, provide fascinating insights into the body’s complex structure and explain how functional systems and organs interact. Their primary goal is preventive healthcare. BODY WORLDS educate visitors about the inner working of the body, aim to inspire visitors to live consciously, pay more attention to their health, recognize their physical potential and limitations, and reflect on what it means to be human.

Booth 63

Inspire To Action is a tech and communication company based in Oslo, Norway. We provide digital, interactive, edutainment-based solutions for sustainability-focused organizations. We develop installations, software, mobile apps, games and more. Let us be your development partner for your next idea!

Booth 64

Universcience has one simple challenging goal: to inspire as many people as possible to be curious about the world around them, encouraging them both to marvel at the world of science and to engage in scientific reasoning.

Universcience traveling exhibitions cover a wide range of engaging topics: we are now touring Jeans, Opposites, Playhuts, Microbiota, Fire, and Cold and coming Banquet, Fragile.

Currently under development: Cancer.

For more details about our exhibitions and services, please visit: universcience.fr/exhibitionservices

Booth 65
Kiss the Frog | Interactive Media | Creative Technology

Kiss the Frog is a digital design agency specialised in interactive visitor experiences. We design the journey of the visitor, and create the technology that makes the magic work. For more than 20 years we have been designing and developing high-quality interactive media for museums and science centres.

We are a tight-knit team of designers and creative coders. Our dynamic team of inspiring designers, innovative developers and highly skilled project managers encompass creative thinking with practical know-how. We use the latest advances in tech and new media to create world-class digital experiences.

Booth 66

The American Museum of Natural History is a leading provider of engaging scientific content to partners around the world. Each year, the American Museum of Natural History produces a variety of traveling exhibitions, immersive planetarium shows, and other content drawn from the Museum’s vast scientific expertise and collections. More than 250 venues in 44 countries have presented Museum-produced content to educate, entertain, and inspire visitors of all ages, in more than 39 countries on six continents.

Booth 67

Evans&Sutherland, a Cosm Company, provides engineering, manufacturing, installation, content and systems integration for planetariums, dome theaters and immersive classrooms in the world. Offers Digistar, the world’s leading digital planetarium system, full dome programs and production services, giant screen films, premium-quality projection domes and theater design services.

Skypoint Planetariums is the European Representative and is the developer and manufacturer of Digistar Lite Systems, premium hardware and software for scenic lights, digital audio systems, interactive panels for seats and accessibility.

Booth 68
Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum in London has over 30 years of experience in touring high quality exhibitions internationally, inspiring visitors and challenging their perception of the natural world. We know how to make scientific knowledge accessible in a fun, engaging and educational way supported by the over 300 scientists of the Museum, who ensure accuracy of all our content and exhibits. Our portfolio includes the world-renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year annual exhibition and exciting specimen-rich shows such as Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature and Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep.

Booth 69
Logo Archimedes Exhibitions

Since 1996, Archimedes Exhibitions has been designing exhibitions, interactive installations, apps, and exhibits worldwide. What is unique is that it is the only "one-stop-shop" in this field. This means, everything is done inhouse, from the first concept to the final screw. In our 1.000 sqm workshop we are able to build prototypes, mock-ups, as well as the final result of a complete exhibition. Among our interdisciplinary team are physicists, architects, designer, craftsmen, and museologists. Partners are NEMO Science Museum, phaeno Wolfsburg, CNK Warsaw and many more.

Booth 70
Interspectral logo

Making the invisible visible: specialising in the 3D visualisation of scientific data & CT/MRI scans for research and science communication in museums and science centres. Inside Explorer interactive software enables users to peel away a scanned subject's layers to reveal the hidden secrets within. Our extensive catalogue of visualised subjects inc human anatomy, natural history and Egyptian mummies. If you have your own CT/MRI data scans we can visualise them to create your own custom content. Inside Explorer software can be installed and used on anything from mobiles to large scale multi-touch tables.

Booth 71

Stickydot is a Brussels collective with expertise on multi-stakeholder engagement in research and innovation. We are committed to pushing public engagement in science further, ensuring that all voices are included when it comes to co-creating R&I in a way that addresses the big societal challenges of our times. We believe firmly in playful, participatory methods to get us there, and we have the experience and skills to make it happen: co-creating processes, facilitating dialogue and training professionals.

Booth 72
Exhibition design and production

Motor designs and manufactures your next exhibition, making even your wildest ideas come true. Everything from visual communication and exhibition concept to production and every step in between.

Combining more than 20 years of experience with passion for multimedia, virtual reality and education, Motor has delivered more than 100 exhibitions across Europe and Middle East.

Based in medieval Tallinn, Estonia, Motor is represented also in Germany, Finland and Latvia and Lithuania.

Come and say tere/hello/hallo and put your skills to the test at Motor booth!