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Museum Workshop plan: "Popular Mechanics: Becoming a designer of Machines"

  • December 2014
  • Education & learning
  • Topics in science
  • Material for workshops and exhibitions

Developed as part of the ENGINEER project (2011-2014)

In the field of Mechanics. This unit is designed for 9-11 year olds. The final objective of the workshop is to transform a cardboard box into a mechanical toy. Each participant brings their own cardboard box, chooses a character and decides its motion. Then each participant experiments with other toys to determine the mechanical elements needed for the toy, including the shape of the cam. Finally each participant creates a toy. At each step in the creation, the participants can use the EDP process to improve their toy and adjust the motion with the cam. At the end of the workshop, the participant takes away their toy.

Versions in other languages and editable version is available here.

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ENGINEER supported the widespread adoption in Europe of innovative methods of science teaching and the introduction of engineering in schools. In November 2014, Engineer won a Scientix Award for the category "STEM teaching materials addressed to teachers".