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Mastering sustainable visitors mobility - Universcience

Mastering sustainable visitor mobility

7 June 11.00 - 12.00 CEST


  • Romain Pigenel, Head of communication and audience development at Universcience

Universcience, the public institution comprising the Palais de la Découverte and the City of Science and Industry in Paris, France, showcased their recent initiative to promote sustainable visitor management at the Insights Live! event titled "Mastering sustainable visitor mobility."

With a strong commitment to sustainable development, Universcience aims to tackle the environmental impact of visitor transportation to their science centres. After assessing their carbon footprint, Universcience found that visitor travel accounted for 88% of their overall carbon emissions. They discovered that while 70% of visitors already utilise public transport, only 10% opt for sustainable modes like cycling or walking, while 20% still rely on cars or motorcycles.

To encourage sustainable transportation and reduce the carbon footprint associated with visitor travel, Universcience has introduced a special "sustainable mobility" rate for visitors who utilise bicycles or similar means of transport, such as scooters or Segways. This discounted rate incentivises eco-friendly mobility.

In addition to the sustainable mobility rate, Universcience has implemented various measures to promote environmentally friendly transportation. They have installed a carbon calculator at their ticket office to raise visitor awareness about the environmental impact of their travel choices. Universcience has also established partnerships with mobility operators, such as Vélib', to offer reduced prices for bike rentals. Moreover, Universcience participates in the Navigo Culture programme, granting Navigo pass holders access to the sustainable mobility rate.

Universcience's commitment to sustainability goes beyond visitor management. They integrate sustainability into their working methods by reusing exhibition materials and employing eco-responsible design. Their programming throughout the year also reflects a focus on sustainability. For instance, they recently unveiled a new permanent exhibition called "Climate Emergency," curated by renowned climate scientist Jean Jouzel, which addresses the challenge of decarbonisation.

The thoughtful approach taken by Universcience in implementing their initiatives can serve as inspiration for Ecsite members seeking to promote green mobility. Ecsite members can watch Universcience's talk on Ecsite's YouTube channel to gain further insights.

Take action

  • Assess your carbon footprint related to visitor transportation.

  • Analyse the percentage of visitors using sustainable modes of transport.

  • Introduce a special rate or discount for visitors who choose eco-friendly transportation options.

  • Install a carbon calculator at ticket offices to raise visitor awareness.

  • Seek partnerships with local mobility operators to offer reduced prices for bike rentals or public transport tickets.

  • Participate in existing sustainable mobility programs, such as Navigo Culture.

  • Share experiences and insights with the Ecsite community to inspire and collaborate on promoting green mobility.

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