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Insights Live! Resources: Sustainability through staff engagement

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Mastering sustainability through staff engagement

Mastering sustainability through staff engagement

19 April 11.00 - 12.00 CEST & 21 April 14.00 - 15.00 CEST


  • Netzach Farbiash, CEO of Carasso Science Park

The Insights Live! event "Mastering Sustainability through staff engagement" was kicked off by sustainability advocate and CEO of Carasso Science Park, Israel followed by sharing of challenges and solutions from the audience.

In this talk, Netzach Farbiash discusses the steps their museum has taken to reduce plastic and paper use. He explains how they eliminated the use of entry tickets and various other printed materials by introducing a digital app that visitors can use instead. The speaker also mentions that they removed all plastic used by their staff, replacing plastic cups and cutlery with reusable alternatives. They highlight the financial benefits and improved museum services that came from implementing these changes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of sustainability within an organisation, which starts with leadership setting the tone and providing a clear vision for the institution's sustainability goals. However, Netzach notes that there is a challenge in getting staff and visitors to understand the importance of such steps.

Take action:

  • Encourage a culture of environmental consciousness by adopting a personalised approach to engage your staff in sustainability practices.
  • Consider implementing a digital ticketing system to reduce the use of printed materials, minimising plastic and paper waste.
  • Explore the possibility of replacing plastic cups and cutlery with reusable alternatives, which can significantly reduce plastic waste in your organisation.
  • Foster open dialogue and provide resources to inspire staff and visitors to incorporate sustainable actions into their daily routines.

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Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact the speaker:

Netzach Farbiash: netzach.farbiash@rashi.org.il

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