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Insights Live! Resources: Award winners talk sustainability

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Mariano Gago Ecsite Award winners talk sustainability

Mariano Gago Ecsite Award winners talk sustainability

19 September 2023

Justin Dillon (UCL)* and The Natural History Museum’s Camilla Tham** discuss driving change in our community and making sustainability a reality in their fields, in a conversation facilitated by Heather King, Professor of Science Education at King's College London.

Their conversation, in the context of Ecsite's Environmental Emergency Action, delved into the pivotal role of museums and science institutions in addressing environmental sustainability. Camilla highlighted recent climate projects at the Natural History Museum of London, emphasizing ongoing engagement with the audience beyond events. Justin stressed the need for institutions to disrupt norms, focusing on tangible societal impact. The conversation underscored the significance of assessing real-world behavioral changes resulting from engagement initiatives. Additionally, the discussion delved into the critical aspects of inclusivity, challenging echo chambers, and adapting to evolving visitor expectations. These themes collectively emphasize the imperative for museums and science institutions to proactively drive environmental sustainability through comprehensive and dynamic approaches.

* Justin Dillon is an influential mentor in science engagement, and a passionate advocate for science literacy. He has debunked climate emergency conspiracies and inspired others to do the same. In appreciation for his decades long work to promote science education, he was awarded Beacon of the Year 2023.

* Representing The Natural History Museum London, Camilla Tham, the International Partnerships Manager, has contributed to the museum’s journey towards sustainable practices and education which led to being awarded the Responsible & Responsive for their programme ‘Our Broken Planet: How We Got Here and Ways to Fix It’ which challenges our unsustainable relationship with the natural world.

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