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FIT4FOOD2030 Knowledge Hub

An schematic illustration of the training and educational materials available on the FIT4FOOD2030 Knowledge Hub

'How can I run a food lab or living lab. I would like to train people on food system transformation. What do I do?'

These are just a few of the questions that the FIT4FOOD2030 Knowledge Hub tries to answer for a variety of users, from civil society organisations to policy makers to facilitators in science engagement organisations. It gathers tools for working with communities and different publics on the topic of food systems and transformation in a one-stop shop. These resources have been tried and tested throughout the three year lifespan of the project.

Ecsite members, through their role as host of City and Food Labs, have contributed to finetune tools to set up and running labs that spark food system transformation and training on food systems.

Explore a selection of materials in the interactive overview documents available below, or head over to Knowledge Hub to access the complete selection of tools.

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  • food system
  • nutrition
  • transformation
  • co-creation
  • Toolkit



FIT4FOOD2030 supported the development and implementation of the European Commission’s FOOD 2030 policy framework to transform European food systems towards greater sustainability, resilience, competitiveness and inclusion. The project integrated existing and emerging networks and infrastructures, creating Communities of Practice that foster RRI and use transformative learning processes to build competences among citizens and stakeholders who are not currently actively integrated in decision-making.