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Find out whether you have mathematical thinking, communication skills, a musical ear or sporting talent.Eight special stations from various fields of human endeavor reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

Talent! - travelling exhibition, iQLANDIA

You can further develop your abilities and it depends entirely on you which direction your focus on in the future.

At the start of the exhibition you will get a unique QR code which you activate in the “Central Brain Exhibition” and you can start discovering your talent.

What awaits you in the stations?

- learn about the lives and works of prominent world figures who excelled in the given area

- take a topical quiz

- try out your skills on the exhibits

Stations under the microscope

A. Focus on the humanities

A1 - memory test (training memory of signs using Kim’s game)

A2 – synonym (matching words of similar meaning)

A3 - what came first, - compiling a timeline of milestones from world history (figures, battles, discoveries)

Profiles of prominent figures: J. K. Rowling, Plato, J. A. Comenius, J. Pulitzer, T. G. Masaryk, J. Paul II.

B. Dexterity:

B1 - Buzz wire (guiding the loop without it touching the wire)

B2 – Knots (making a braid from string)

B3 – Labyrinth (moving a ball around a maze)

B4 - Beads on a stick (threading as many beads of various shapes as possible )

B5 – Embroidery (embroidery patterns on metal warp)

Profiles of prominent figures: G. Versace, C. Chanel, I. F. Kamprad, F. Lamborghini, J. Choo, Confucius, E. Ferrari

C. Technical disposition

C1 - build a tower (build the highest and most stable tower you can)

C2 – center of gravity (finding the center of gravity of the depicted body)

C3 – navigation (guiding a robot along a path)

C4 - spatial puzzle (fitting pieces into a 3D shape)

C5 – distance (estimating distance)

Profiles of prominent figures: A. Citroën, K. Benz, S. Jobs, S. Wozniak, L. da Vinci nebo T. A. Edison, P. Spencer, J. Goodfellow, Laurin & Klement.

D. Artistic leanings

D1 - art of composition (finding the golden ratio in photography)

D2 – dance (copying sets of movements from a video clip)

D3 – Mozarteum (copying a recorded melody)

D4 - musical ear (playing a melody on a virtual keyboard)

D5 – mime (miming facial expressions from a video clip)

Profiles of prominent figures: B. Smetana, W. A. Mozart, J. Carrey, M. Jackson, P. Picasso, J. Werich, F. L. Wright, M. Buonarroti

E. Physical ability

E1 - catch it (reaction test)

E2 - balance board

E3 – jump (measuring the height of a jump)

E4 - hanging on a rope (measuring endurance hanging on a rope)

E5 – strongman (measuring the force of a hammer blow)

Profiles of prominent figures: E. Zátopek, J. Jágr, M. Jordan, U. Bolt, E. Weihenmayer, M. Giroux, M. Navrátilová

F. Sense of justice and communication

F1 – events (creating a timeline for a comic story by logically connecting causes and effects)

F2 – describing game (describing depicted objects)

F3 – judge (decide who the culprit is after reading a microstory)

F4 – reporter (commentating on a football match or a fashion show)

F5 – microstory (subjective evaluation of a submitted story)

Profiles of prominent figures: V. Havel, M. L. King, Seneca, M. Gándhí

G. Passion for nature

G1 - how it feels in a dumpster (trying out a short stay in a dumpster)

G2 – shopping (choice of options and steps when shopping – routine or conscious decision?)

G3 - recognize them? (identification of sounds and their sources)

G4 - are you in touch with nature? (revealing your own attitudes to nature)

Profiles of prominent figures: G. Nelson, C. Limé, W. Maathai, L. Pasteur, G. Galilei, L. DiCaprio

H. Exact thinking

H1 - I think, therefore I am (detecting abilities of logical thinking using simple mathematical tasks)

H2 – differences (comparing figures and focusing on their differences)

H3 - mathematical minimum (completing numerical series)

Profiles of prominent figures: S. Hawking, A. Einstein, O. Wichterle, M. Faraday

Central brain

Evaluating the quizzes using the QR code

The well-known Czech psychologist Tomáš Rodný, who specializes in counseling related to the selection of suitable studies and professions, was consulted during the development of the exhibition.

Most exhibits are connected to evaluation software, which assesses which field of expertise you excel at on the basis of your success in fulfilling the tasks. Tasks are divided into three levels according to age. The minimum age limit for completing evaluation is eight years old. After completing all the stations your measurable results will be sent to your e-mail address.

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iQLANDIA Science Center Liberec

iQLANDIA is an interactive entertainment-education centre situated in Liberec. It is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic and draws from the concepts and experience of many such “science centers” around the world. Its basic idea is to utilize games, interactive exhibits and entertaining educational materials in order to make learning a fun experience for visitors of all age groups [schola ludus (learning through games)]. The exhibits are divided into several thematic sections such as optical illusions, electricity, inventions, etc.

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