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iQLANDIA Science Center Liberec

iQLANDIA is an interactive entertainment-education centre situated in Liberec. It is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic and draws from the concepts and experience of many such “science centers” around the world. Its basic idea is to utilize games, interactive exhibits and entertaining educational materials in order to make learning a fun experience for visitors of all age groups [schola ludus (learning through games)]. The exhibits are divided into several thematic sections such as optical illusions, electricity, inventions, etc. Most of the display is comprehensible at an elementary school level, however, there are curiosities, puzzles and mind-bogglers that are more complex and do require some extensive thinking. Complete educational programs, tests and group tours can also be organized according to age, theme or other individual requirements of any visitor group. A creative workshop completes the fun educational experience of this unique center called iQLANDIA.


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