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Sonderausstellung Superhirn/ Superbrain zu vermieten/ zu verkaufen

This interactive exhibition for children and adults was developed in 2018 and
designed by Dr. Eckhard Schulz for the AUDIOVERSUM ScienceCenter Innsbruck in
cooperation with Prof. Kröger / Biomedical Center Munich and the company
Kurt Hüttinger GmbH & Co. KG Schwaig.

Visitors actively experience in a playful way how fascinating the human brain functions, what enormous achievements it performs and where its limits lie. In an enlarged interactive translucent brain model (scale approx. 1:5), the human sensory organs can be activated by touching of 7 touchscreens equipped with a camera: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, sense of touch (skin). When a visitor approaches a screen it reacts and in the corresponding cortex region, which primarily processes this sense,lights up in the brain model, images 1 and 2.

In a strongly enlarged neuronal network, a central neuron can be excited by buzzers, so that its axon causes Mr. Bean to stick out is tongue, image 3.

There are numerous topics offered, such as the development of the brain, mirror neurons, memory, multitasking, language, illusions, interactively presented in a playful way, as well as games on logic, on paradoxes, on speech comprehension under diffcult conditions, and much more.

The exhibition consists of 25 stations, 7 monitors (55‘‘) , 12 posters (180cm x220 cm). It is held in 3 languages: German, English, Italian. The information is also available via iPad station-related.

Detailed description for museum guides and digital material including video and audio for advertising and for training and lectures are also available / part of this offer. All exhibits are barrier-free. You can visit the special exhibition at the moment in the Welios Science Center in Wels / Austria up to the end of August 2020.

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The AUDIOVERSUM Science Center is an interactive exhibition about the sense of hearing. It aims at spreading awareness about the importance of hearing and creating a place to learn all about this fascinating human sense. High tech exhibits invite you to participate, learn and have fun! A further exhibition highlighting the milestones of our company particularly with regard to the remarkable progress in research and development. Stay informed about the latest news, events and temporary exhibitions!

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