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Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition

Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition first takes visitors back to the origins of human life and immerses them in the phenomena of fertilization and conception. Puberty and the hormonal changes it brings about in humans are then dealt with in a manner that is both new and audacious, with emphasis on the scientific aspects that explain them. Sexual excitation and responses, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are also on the agenda. Finally, the social aspects of sexuality, including the question of influences from and over others, especially among youths, as well as the fascination of the media and Internet with the subject will get special attention.

Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition is an original and unique creation dealing with sexuality that allows visitors to explore the most important and delicate subjects dealing with sexuality, providing straight forward answers to more than 100 questions of interest to youths 12 years of age and over. This exhibition represents a rare occasion for youths to find frank and direct answers on their sexuality and to develop the critical sense they need to make enlightened and responsible decisions.

Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition is a travelling exhibition of 500 square metres that conveys a positive image of sexuality to visitors, answers their questions and concerns, and introduces them to what science tells us about sexuality. Its core message is that sexuality is central to our lives. The exhibition is divided into five zones—My Origins, Me, Me and You, Me and Others, and My Point of View—each of which deals with a single topic and gives visitors a particular experience. The exhibition’s narrative text is in the first person (I, me) so that visitors connect with the topic on a personal level.

The exhibition relies on video, computer animation, real life photography, interactive electronic platforms, and surprisingly realistic models, and on advice from experts to communicate its messages. It contains 19 mechanical interactives, 6 multimedia games, 12 videos and 8 audio clips.

It is through a scientific eye that the exhibition was developed, thanks to the cooperation between the Montréal Science Centre and a scientific committee comprising medical doctors, public health specialists, experts in educational sciences, and sexologist who validated both the approach and content of the ultimate presentation. Parents and adolescents were also consulted in order to evaluate their expectations, needs, interests, and preoccupations. Thus, the committee was able to ensure the soundness and accuracy of the proposed approach, and of the tone and format of its presentation.

Why an exhibition about sexuality for young people 12 years old and up?

• Sexuality is of central importance to young people, at the dawn of their sexual maturity, and adults alike. It is at the heart of our relationships with others, our identity, our fulfillment, and our well-being.

• We are inundated with sexual messages. In the face of such societal pressures, it is not always easy to make enlightened choices and to communicate clearly when it comes to sexuality.

• The risks associated with sexuality are important public health and safety issues, especially for young people.

• There are many aspects to sexuality: biological, emotional, psychological, social, cultural, ethical, and legal. Knowing and learning about these various facets is an important component of citizenship.

To find out more about Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition, please consult our website at http://www.montrealsciencecentre.com/exhibitions/sex-a-tell-all-exhibiti...

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