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The Pioneers of Modern Science: History of Science and Technology Exhibition

The exhibition let the visitors explore the contributions of different
civilizations in today's modern science in an engaging way. Skillfully
crafted reproductions based on the world renowned polymaths' original
manuscripts came alive mechanically and digitally.

Pioneers of Modern Science Exhibition | Modern Bilimin Öncüleri Sergisi

The exhibition explores the ability of scientists to study and translate the work of Greek, Indian and Chinese cultures and bring them into the Islamic World and further develop new methods in various scientific fields.

Miniatures, replica objects, 3D animated movies, mechanical and digital exhibits that have never been showcased in an exhibition before, are showcased in an interactive environment in this exhibition, that is presented in 5 themes as Discovery, Observation, Humankind, Art and Civilization.

Celestial Sphere Instalment, Bayt al Hikmah (House of Wisdom) Instalment, Observatories, Azophi’s Constellations, Mechanical Designs of Al-Jazari and Banu Musa Brothers, Handbag of a Doctor in 15th Century, Therapeutic Maqamat (Musical Modes), Chemistry Desk, The Perfumes of 10th century, Pioneering Mathematicians, Voyagers and Cartographers, Economists, and Architects are demonstrated in Pioneers of Modern Science Exhibition.

The exhibition features interactive and life-size machines and models that can be operated by the visitors, allowing them to engage with a lot of polymaths' experiences, inventions and designs such as Alhazen, Avicenna, Azophi, Omar Khayyam, Al Khwarizmi, Al-Jazari..

The exhibition also features reproductions of many historical scientific objects such as astrolabes, calipers, mechanical clocks, rulers, goniometers, dials and quadrants.

Pioneers of Modern Science is an inspiring and educational experience for the whole family.

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