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Musical dialogue at a "round table".

2-6 players share a table to experience with music and sounds, using high quality headphones. The ideal almost soundless interactive playstations for Science Centres and Children's Museums! Up to 10 Tables.

EMO-Tisch / EMO Table

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''Miracle Voice Table'''
With the help of 4 of the legendary Roland VT-1 voice-transformers and microphones, you can manipulate your voice in strange and wonderful ways. These devices used to produce the noises of monsters and mice in movie productions and fairgrounds. This console includes four extremely durable line microphones.


4 playstations to experiment with voice and rhythmical loops:

• microphone and Roland VT-1 (octave transpose etc.)

• microphone und Alesis Nanoverb (voice with reverb, echo, etc.)

• Roland Sp-303 Sampler • Yamaha DJXII


'''Heartbeat Table'''
A hand-sensor converts the heartbeat into audible bass drum sounds. A second player on the opposite side can join the rhythm with a snare drum which is installed in the console. And like the other consoles both players can hear each other through headphones. The tempo of music is counted in beats per minute – the same way we count our heartbeats.


''Picture Sound Table'''
If you tap one of the 10 symbols you will hear an analogue sound.

• Blue spot: bass-drum

• yellow triangle: tube-bell

• spiral: rubbing coconut-shells

• red square: woodblock


Fast-slow, left-right, high-low, spiky-dull: control a sequencer and different filters through movements like up-down, left-right and applying and releasing pressure. Each player can control one parameter and they can all hear each other through headphones.


4 playstations to play with weird electronic sounds:

• Light Sensor: manipulate white noise by waving with your hands

• Car Radio Theremin: modulated tone pitches through movement

• Ribbon-Control: activate 128 different percussion sounds with your fingertips

• Airsynth: let a helicopter fly from one side to the other.


'''Drum Table'''
8 cutting boards function as trigger-drums. They are all connected to headphones and enable single players or groups to experiment with drums without the usual disturbing noise. Every three minutes you can hear a fun little audio drama which conducts a drumming lesson.


'''Miniature Musical Marvels Table'''

Diverse object surfaces made of metal or wood and objects sounding very quiet but wonderful are installed in the tabletop of this console: e.g. a wooden lamellophone, a circular saw blade, an egg cutter, a gurgling bottle, etc. The sounds are acoustically “enlarged” like in a sound microscope. Piezoelectronic pickups, microphones, compressors, various effects and a mixing board collect and amplify the sounds. The players can hear each other through headphones.


And more tables available, see all:




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Electricity from ground or cealing. No fixing at ground needed, but possible.



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