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Inventions - From Zany to Brainy! (for children aged 8 and over)

Bicycle, car, jeans, skateboard...all that first had to be invented. By whom
actually? And why? And what was the world's first Invention? What ideas do
the visitors have? What would they like to invent and how could it work?

Die Tüftelmäuse & Die Tüftelgenies

Target group: children aged 8 and over and their families.

Approximately 500 m² of exhibition space.

Can be adapted to different spatial requirements.

Option of taking regional inventions as a central theme.

Get to know 130 inventions!

More than 40 multi-faceted hands-on exhibits: Use these inventions and thus find out more about them.

More than 20 display cabinets: Discover interesting and funny stories about the flashes of inspiration from inventors.

Visitor attraction: exciting demonstrations - from the steam engine to the robot!

Varied workshop accompanying programme!

An experience for the whole family!

Personal bar code wristband: Collect flashes of inspiration, take a photo, print a personalised patent certificate.

More than 70 questions relating to flashes of inspiration: Answer tricky quiz questions and collect flashes of inspiration.

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