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Inventions - From Zany to Brainy! (aged between 3 and 7)

Mice live in an attic – but these are no normal mice, they are inventor
They have created a kingdom for themselves out of old and new achines. But
all These machines first have to be moved, built and invented, and their
ideas expanded.

Ausstellungseröffnung "Die Tüftelmäuse" und "Die Tüftelgenies"

  • Target group: children aged between 3 and 7 and their families.

Approximately 300m2 of exhibition space.

Can be adapted to different spatial requirements.

• An atmospheric attic provides the ideal setting for inventing.

• Special drives, old and new inventions, set attractions in motion.

• A host of funny attractions inspires adults as well as children – and of course the mice.

• Diverse build-it-yourself elements make visitors want to invent things.

• Entertaining exhibits also challenge even the youngest visitors.

• Role play invites visitors to invent, fantasise, wrack their brains, puzzle over ideas and discover.

• The inventor mice Kunz, Lenz, Zita, Zora and Strizzi talk about themselves and their adventures in audio stations and large-format illustrations.

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