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the gender EXPERIMENT - No longer available

This exhibition is no longer available - we kept it on EXTRA because it might be an interesting piece of information to know that peers developed a show on a specific topic in the past and thus have expertise they could share.

By means of highly interactive, hands-on exhibits, visitors take part in an experiment to find out what women can do better than men and what men can do better than women. In a playful way, both sexes are challenged to demonstrate their talents and skills.

Everyone is curious about the differences between the sexes, and wants to know what is real and what is myth. So everyone is a potential visitor – and an involved visitor: people identify strongly with their gender, so the visitors are teased to do their best. And – let’s be honest – to defeat the opposite sex.

Visitors can determine the sex of two skeletons, attribute a gender to different smells, point out the North, become a human battery, demonstrate their multitasking capacities, install electricity, recognise faces, infer the profession of real-life people, distinguish between rotated and mirrored shapes, let chance decide the sex of their next child, find a suitable profession, measure their body mass index and their clenching force, play a mathematical board game, …

''Interactive and informative''
The exhibits of the gender EXPERIMENT are highly interactive: visitors have to do something to get a result. Of course, afterwards they are explained what happened and why. A multimedia quiz on female scientists and inventors tests the visitor’s basic knowledge of science. Nine life-size lenticulars on the gender of professions and hobbies each show a man and a women in an unsuspected role.

''Unique registration system''
Every visitor of the gender EXPERIMENT gets a bracelet with a unique barcode. That way each exhibit automatically uses the visitors' language and gender. The exhibits display the personal result of the visitor on that particular ‘test’, plus the average of their own- and the opposite sex. Visitors seldom end exactly on the score of their gender, which leads to much interaction – and some giggling – between the participants.

At the end of their visit, visitors also can print a report with their personal results on all exhibits visited, plus the averages of both sexes. (It turns out the talents are rather similar, the differences often imaginary, and everyone has a male and a female side.)

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