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Moon experience

Since ancient times, the Moon has been an incredible fascination to man, inspiring him with an irresistible desire for conquest… As they follow an original circuit through three themed areas, “Lunar Conquest”, Lunar Experiences” and “Lunar Imagination”, your visitors will see the Earth’s natural satellite with fresh eyes.

Moon Experience offers an original, fun, educational voyage of discovery that's suitable for all the family, including the very young

Moon conquest

Follow an original, interactive circuit and relive all the lunar exploration missions and the fabulous adventure of Apollo 11.

• The Lunoscope (interactive experiment):
Use the "Zoom Machine" to find out about all the Russian and American lunar exploration missions.

• What the first one said
Neil Armstrong on the Moon (audiovisual documentary). The documentary is supported by 2 information panels

• What the others said
The comments of the other astronauts (2 information panels)

• Moon souvenirs (a display of unusual objects):
A presentation of reproductions of personal objects left on the Moon by Apollo programme astronauts.

• Lunar conquest (Projection area fitted with benches - 2 simultaneously broadcasting screens)
Relive the Apollo missions’ journey from the Earth to the Moon

• Timeline:
On the back of the walls of the “Lunar conquest” area, see the fresco showing the chronological history of space travel from Sputnik to Apollo 17

• Moon rocket launchers (2D shapes)
Compare the Ariane V and Saturn V launchers
Moon experiments
Learn about the Moon's geography, its very singular environment and all its special features.

• The Moon Map (interactive experiment):
Rotate the Moon beneath your hands and learn about its geography.

• The mystery of lunar odours (interactive experiment):
Play a quirky game using your sense of smell to work out what the Moon smells like.

• Spacesuit stories – Against a background of the lunar horizon, take some souvenir photos by standing with your head behind the spacesuits!
- Life-size “2D” outline of the future MARK III lunar spacesuit, along with an audiovisual documentary by NASA presenting the technical tests
- Life-size “2D” outline of the spacesuit used in the final Apollo missions The presentation is supported by 2 information panels on the two spacesuits

• The Earth / Moon / Sun system (interactive terminal):
Eclipses, tides, phases of the Moon... a whole host of subjects tackled in the form of a quiz.
Lunar Imagination
From myth to reality, learn about man’s fascination for the Moon since ancient times.

• Lunar imagination (Projection area fitted with benches - 2 simultaneously broadcasting screens)
Discover the Moon on a surprising journey that combines the collective imagination and reality.

• The “Lunar Odyssey” timeline
On the back of the walls of the “Lunar Imagination” area, see the fresco showing the chronological history of space travel since Apollo and imagine the Moon of future generations. Habitat

• Moon Base Two
A possible future Moon base explained by a model and a virtual tour
2 Moon Base Two information panels
2 Moon Base City information panels

• The LM
See the model of the LM from the Apollo missions
2 “LM” information panels

• Become a Moon architect (interactive game):
Design and build a future moon base and see it on a screen, like a film set.

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The Cité de l’espace: the best place to view the universe.

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Combining fun and education in one theme park, the Cité de l’espace was created to answer the questions everyone asks about space exploration and technology: The Cité de l’espace answers all these questions though an impressive array of interactive exhibits, features and very active events calendar.

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