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C-TEAM, We are chemistry

“The C-TEAM, we are chemistry” is an exhibition about chemistry in our daily life. In a comic like environment the visitor gets the opportunity to experiment with chemistry in the most broad sense. Examples of “real life objects” are the link between the comic story and the real life. Twenty seven interactive stations and a workshop area offers the visitor the possibilities to discover and experiment. The exhibition has the atmosphere of an urban area with industrial features.

Five characters, brilliant but eccentric, represent five different parts of the chemical world. Spark, Mr. C, C-Zar and Fusion are the problem solvers who let the visitor experiment with the role of chemistry in their daily life. Familiar situation from their own life or from TV are the starting point for every discovery. A car super glued to the ceiling, what happens in your body when you’re in love or eat a cookie, super fibers used in a bullet proof vest, climbing a wall without a rope in all these situation chemistry plays an important role.

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Discovery Museum

Discovery Museum is a combination of former museums Columbus, Cube and Continium and is the largest museum for science and technology in the south of The Netherlands. With an extensive collection of industrial heritage and a vast amount of hands on exhibits Discovery Museum combines the best of a museum and a science center. Visitors can discover how science and technology affect their day to day life, not only in the present time, but also in the past and the future. They can travel through time, experiment with science and build their own technical gadgets.

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