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Humans who build have ideas and visions about what their structures should be
like – and animals have instincts. Both pursue the same goal: to shape
their environment and achieve spaces for themselves that meet their needs. Is
that not archinatural?

Archinature! A travelling exhibition by FRida & freD - The Graz Children's Museum

  • Target groups: pre-school and school children
  • Innovative concept
  • Parallels between animal and human structures amazes visitors young and old
  • More than 50 interactive stations
  • Impressive lenticular pictures
  • Adaptable to different room conditions

Many animals are sources of inspiration in the fields of architecture and building culture. Animals in “Archinature!” encourage visitors to build, to construct and to design, and by doing so to learn about architecture and building culture.

Animals build to protect themselves against the elements and to obtain food. They build places where they can sleep, to impress the opposite sex, and to ensure the safety of their offspring. Their building process is very skilful – a closer look reveals parallels to the way humans build. Or is it the other way around?

Humans have their hands full too. In “Archinature!” visitors can build an igloo or skyscraper. They learn which trades are needed to build a house and how to move their house at a snail’s pace. They can custom design house facades, build domes, construct a tree house, design their favourite wallpaper, manufacture steel and construct special bridges. Visitors start with a vision and end-up with a finished structure!

Floor area

For rent

Insurance value


Setup time


Dismantling time


Ceiling : minimum height


Other technical information

Highest architectural element: 275 cm – a higher ceiling which allows for lighting is advantageous. All elements are stand-alone structures – fixtures to the floors, walls or ceiling are not required. Temporary carpet flooring enhances the exhibit aesthetic, protects the floor of the borrower and allows for safe and discreet electrical installation. Internet connection required. Water supply: water supply point in or near the exhibition as well as water runoff in the exhibition area is advantageous.




  • architecture
  • nature
  • Children
  • families
  • interactive
  • unique


FRida & freD - The Graz Children's Museum

FRida & freD is a place for all children. With our programmes, we hope to enable children to learn about the world’s diversity and to better understand its complexities. Along with the contents of our museum, we focus on making sure that the young people who visit us develop into confident and responsible citizens who interact carefully with their fellow human beings and their environment.

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