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TIME for NANO was a 30 month project run by partners in 9 EU countries and financed by the European Commission. The aim was to engage science centre visitors, with a special attention to young people, on benefits and risks related to nanoscale research, engineering and technology and to collect opinions and feedback from the participants.

The products used an inquiry-based learning approach, specifically developed in science centres/museums, where people understand by doing.

The project developed targeted informal education products:

  • an interactive nano-kit for student groups, containing small exhibits, experiments with nano-objects and materials and role/team game cards
  • the organisation of a video web contest each year for youngsters with an artistic approach that favours personal expression
  • nano-days, featuring debates and events for the public in the partner science centres to interest and involve young people in nanotechnology themes.

List of project partners

Fondazione IDIS-Citta della Scienza (IDIS), Italy (project coordinator) Ecsite – the European Network of Science Centres and Associations, Belgium BridA, art collective, Slovenia Ciencia Viva - Agencia Nacional para a Cultura Cientifica e Tecnológica (Ciencia Viva), Portugal Centre de culture scientifique technique et industrielle (CCSTI La Casemate), France Turkey Science Centres Foundation, Turkey Technopolis, the Flemish science centre, Belgium Warsaw University of Technology, Poland Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, Finland The Association for Science and Discovery Centres, United Kingdom Deutsches Museum, Germany Observa Science and Society, Italy CUEN, Italy


Material for workshops and exhibitions, Practical guide or toolkit
nano kit

Hands-on activities that introduce nanotechnologies and potential applications, for participants aged 8+.

Developed as part of the Time for nano project (2009-2011).

Education & learning, Topics in science
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