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The EXPLOAR project demonstrated an innovative approach that involved visitors of science museums and science centers in extended episodes of playful learning. The EXPLOAR approach looked upon informal education as an opportunity to transcend from traditional museum visits, to a "feel and interact" user experience, allowing for learning "anytime, anywhere", open to societal changes and at the same time feeling culturally conscious.

These pedagogical concepts and learning practices addressed implementing a set of demonstrators (learning scenarios), employing advanced and highly interactive visualization technologies and also personalised ubiquitous learning paradigms in order to enhance the effectiveness and quality of the learning process.

In this way the proposed service demonstrated the potential of the Augmented Reality (AR) technology to cover the emerging need of continuous update, innovate and development of new exhibits, new exhibitions, new educational materials, new programmes and methods to approach the visitors.

List of project partners

ICCS: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (Greece)
FIT: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology (Germany)
Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece)
Ecsite, the European Network for Science Centres and Museums
Universitat Bayreuth (Germany)
HEUREKA - The Finnish Science Center (Finland)
Eugenides Foundation (Greece)
INTRASOFT International S.A. (Luxembourg)
The Laboratory of Science Teachers Education in Chios (Greece)