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Through Ecsite, members have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects shaping the future of science engagement. Ecsite runs projects funded by the European Commission as well as initiatives in partnership with other organisations. These projects often allow the development of resources like toolkits or guides available to all. 




Check out our compilation of everything you might want to know about Ecsite and EU-funded projects: how we pick proposals, how we involve Ecsite members, what Third Parties are etc.

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Copernicus Science Centre is involved with the following projects

2020 - 2023

Led by Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, and with 7 Ecsite members as part of the Consortium, Make it Open supports schools in becoming agents of community well-being. The project will help schools collaborate with enterprises and civil society organisations in order to run activities where children solve challenges in and with the community, using tools and approaches from the maker movement.

2019 - 2021

Science communication is at a pivotal stage in its evolution due to the emergence of digital communication platforms that are not only presenting new opportunities but are also leading to new challenges. RETHINK is creating an unprecedented view of the new science communication landscape to reveal the barriers and inequalities that stand in the way of open and reflexive connections between science and society. It will also present the way forward, encouraging evidence-based transformations in science communication practice as well as guiding relevant policy to further open Research & Innovation (R&I) to society. 

Copernicus Science Centre is involved with the following projects

2015 - 2018
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