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Calls 12 April 2023

Ecsite members, we want to hear from you. As part of the Ecsite Environmental Emergency Action, we're calling for topics and speakers for the weekly 'Insights Live!' events. Propose topics and speakers for 1-hour sessions and inspire each other towards greener Ecsite institutions – by 28 April

News 11 April 2023

The SocKETs project had published three societal engagement stories, sharing lessons and experiences from partner networks on emerging technologies, societal challenges and public engagement.

News 11 April 2023

This month we find out what's keeping Maria João Fonseca, Director of the Hall of Biodiversity – Ciência Viva Center and Head of Communication of the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto, Ecsite board member and former programming committee member entertained.

News 11 April 2023

Ecsite is looking for a booth designer for the 2023 Ecsite Conference in Malta, 14 - 17 June 2023.

Calls 28 March 2023

Universcience is calling for facilitators to come to the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris to show their scientific mediations related to sport!

News 14 March 2023

We’re excited to announce an open Show & Tell for all your half-baked ideas and unpolished projects!

News 13 March 2023

What if you could shape your ideal world? Would you let emerging technologies like the metaverse or neurostimulation reach their full potential? The TechEthos Game: Ages of Technology Impact is a new serious game designed by the TechEthos project to engage with these new and emerging technologies and their ethical impacts.

News 13 March 2023

The Ecsite community is very pleased to welcome ten new members from across the world. Discover each new member in their words below:

News 13 March 2023
Sockets innovation exhibition

In March, SocKETs launches the exhibition “Let’s Tech Together”.


Digital Spokes magazine

Spokes is the monthly magazine of Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums. Hear the latest news from European science engagement, go further with in-depth features and make the most of the good reads, events and opportunities shared by Ecsite members.

Spokes magazine #75, April 2022

IN DEPTH: From place to space : libraries and civic engagement by A. Vanautgaerden

LOOKOUT: Tinkering for learning, equity, and social inclusion

COLUMN: Time to pause and reflect on Spokes by C. Franche & M. Xanthoudaki


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