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News 9 January 2024

Ecsite would like to thank all of its members who have inspired us to launch our new initiative for donating exhibitions to Ukraine.

News 4 January 2024

2023 was the year of exhibitions for our EU-funded projects, SocKETs, TechEthos and WATER-MINING. From water management to the ethics of technology and collaborative innovation, our projects deployed exhibitions reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors with the help of twelve of our members.

News 2 January 2024

Find out who has signed the Ecsite Environmental Emergency Pledge, or sign up today!

News 18 December 2023

Ecsite chatted with OpenAI's ChatGPT to share its science engagement related recommendations in this month's Top Tips!

News 13 December 2023

Explore the enlightening discussions and overview of the Ecsite Space Group Annual Meeting 2024 here.

News 7 December 2023

We are delighted to announce a significant enhancement to our communication strategy as we strive to keep you informed and engaged by sharing a monthly update from Ecsite President Bruno Marquart.

News 6 December 2023
TechEthos game: Ages of Technology Impact

The TechEthos Project developed a Card Game using the Triadic Game Design methodology - in a series of workshops with science engagement professionals and game experts.

Calls 6 December 2023

Host the FOOD 2030 Interactive Exhibition in time for the Hungarian & Polish Presidencies of the EU (S2 2024 and S1 2025)

News 5 December 2023

Need guidance on facilitating a more creative and collaborative learning environments for your students or younger visitors? Check out the resources from the Schools as Living Labs EU project.

News 5 December 2023

Get inspired by lesson plans from other educators and start now with Open Schooling!


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Spokes magazine #34, June 2024

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