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Stay in touch with the latest developments in European science engagement... Ecsite offers ongoing news on this website, as well as a monthly online magazine, Spokes.

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News 8 October 2019
Krakow Technology Park

SISCODE has approximately 17 partners across 13 EU countries. It is a wide and varied project with many partners having their own specific focus. It is a project that has a system of 10 city labs who are all practising co-creation in different settings to provide the project with a better understanding of the drivers and barriers of co-creation. There are also other partners focusing their attention more towards bridging the gap between co-creation and policymaking. It might be difficult to keep up, so we have decided to kick off a View from the Partners.

Calls 8 October 2019
Ecsite is looking for two interns to join the team in 2020

Would you like to learn how EU-funded projects work and get first-hand experience with international communication strategies and campaigns? Apply by 3 November [extended deadline: Friday 22 November]

Calls 8 October 2019
Ecsite is looking for two interns to join the team in 2020

Take part in the Ecsite Conference, assist in the making of the Spokes magazine and get a glimpse of the Brussels EU-scene. Apply by 3 November

[extended deadline: Friday 22 November]

News 8 October 2019
#Ecsite2019 Business Bistro. Credit: Ecsite/Experimentarium. Photographer: David Trood

And get to thousands of science engagement professionals by hosting a booth at the 2020 Ecsite Business Bistro, on 11 - 13 June 2020 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Calls 7 October 2019

How can the Spokes magazine inspire and support you, dear science engagement professionals? Send us your wish list by 1 December.

Calls 7 October 2019

Pitch your article idea by 1 December.

News 30 September 2019

The 2020 edition will take place at the Cité de la Musique hall in Paris. The paper submission deadline is 22 October 2019 at midnight. The main theme of the conference is “Museum Objects”. For more information regarding sub-themes and logistics of the Conference itself please view the document attached below.

Calls 30 September 2019

The Children in Museums Award is a joint venture between Hands On! and the European Museum Academy. It was launched back in 2011 and its aim is to reward the hard work of creative and innovative exhibitions aimed at children up to 14 years old.

Besides the innovation, the judges value the ways the exhibition can change the museum’s practices. That is why they pay special attention to interpretation and presentation.

Calls 26 September 2019

The 2020 CIMUSET CIMCIM Conference in Paris is now accepting papers and other contributions.

This edition will have "Playing and operating: functionality in museum objects and instruments" as its main theme. Sub-themes will be:

1. The ontology of functional objects

2. Interpretation of functional objects

3. Good practice and risk management

For more information, please take a look at the PDF attached below.

The deadline for paper submissions is 22 October 2019.


Digital Spokes magazine

Spokes is the monthly magazine of Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums. Hear the latest news from European science engagement, go further with in-depth features and make the most of the good reads, events and opportunities shared by Ecsite members.

Spokes magazine #57, November 2019

IN DEPTH: Feeding your organisation's culture by A. Bandelli

LOOKOUT: The power of objects

PORTFOLIO: Toilets tales by J. Becker

COLUMN: Advancing the field by U. Kastrup & S. Berghmans

And also: news from Ecsite members, good reads, jobs, project updates...

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