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Upcoming new Blue Society activities

Marzia Mazzonetto - mmazzonetto-at-ecsite.eu

Curious to know more about Blue Society brand new activities, aimed at bringing the Ocean to the heart of our society? There will be plenty of opportunities in the upcoming weeks to meet Sea for Society partners and participate in engaging events.

Some examples: the European Maritime Day (EMD) conference in Athens (28-29 May 2015), the Blue Week in Lisbon (1-7 June 2015) and the Ecsite Conference in Trento, Italy (11-13 June 2015).

At all these events you will find a Blue Society booth with plenty of new materials, readings, engagement tools (such as the Blue Society charter for Citizens) as well as videos and challenging quizzes.

If you are also interested in the specific Blue Society events which will be carried out by SFS partners between now and October 2015 in several European countries, don’t hesitate to contact them directly! You can find their contact details here.


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