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Top-Tips - Stephane Berghmans

This month we hear top tips from Stephane Berghmans, CEO of Technopolis and Chairperson of the Ecsite Future Conference committee.

Listening –

My daughter’s (14 yrs. old) playlists on Spotify – this keeps me updated on what’s new. Surprisingly, a lot of what she likes, I also like. Must be genetic. Give it a try, it creates a valuable connection to your children. I don’t listen to podcasts regularly; I don’t have the patience for it…

Reading –

A good book I read a while ago is Regeneration, Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation by Paul Hawken – It’s a hopeful book full of solutions for the future. When I read fiction, my favourite author is John Grisham. Easy to read and most of the time great plots.

Following –

I’m subscribed to the mailing list of New Atlas. I don’t watch or listen to the regular news but use New Atlas to stay updated on the latest in science and technology. Often you see things earlier than you would on the regular news. And it’s far more optimistic than what you get to see on the news.

Things keeping me up at night –

How are our children going to tackle their future? There are plenty of big challenges but also solutions. How will they discover and use their talents to navigate through relevant education and jobs at companies that help the solve these challenges. I hope we can make a difference as science centres and museums.

Somewhere I've been recently –

Namibia – A country full of contrast: from ocean to desert to incredible wildlife. Far more accessible than South-Africa but also more rugged.

Somewhere I'm planning to go –

Somewhere I’m planning to go – Japan by request of my daughter. I wonder what she thinks it is and how this will be different from what she is going to experience.