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Space Awareness Project Comes to an End

Space Awareness

The Space Awareness project came to an end, but it left a great legacy of resources and lessons learned for individuals and organizations wanting to use the wonders of space to engage kids and teenagers in STEM careers.

Throughout its three years life spam, the Space Awareness project strived to inform children and young adults about current research and issues related to space sciences and the numerous career opportunities offered by space, and to show them that space science can be fun and inspiring. Formal and informal educators benefited from the project by taking advantage of the large array free high-quality resources that were easily adaptable to different disciplines and countries.

Among them, it’s worth highlighting the Space Careers, a booklet presenting several; Mission: Space Explorer, a compendium of several space-oriented citizen-science initiatives; and set of activities that could be well used in the science centres and museums.

The Space Awarenss project is now over but European collaboration on inspiring the next generation of Space explorers goes on! Visit the Ecsite Space Group to find out how to get involved.


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