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Space Awareness activities for Science Centres and Museums

  • February 2018
  • Education & learning
  • Topics in science
  • Material for workshops and exhibitions
  • Practical guide or toolkit
Space Awareness

The Space Awareness project uses the excitement of space to engage young people with science and technology and stimulate their sense of European and global citizenship. Space Awareness shows children and adolescents the relevance of space science and technology in their lives and the career opportunities offered by the space sector for their future.

The Space Awareness activities have been selected following the most popular topics for space in the school curricula. These topics are the result from a survey disseminated to educators in 10 European countries and South Africa in 2015. All resources have been reviewed by an educator and a scientist and are tested and improved by teachers and educators all around Europe and beyond.

This compendium brings together a selection of Space Awareness activities to be implemented at informal learning settings.

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Space Awareness (EUSPACE-AWE)

Space has a great inspirational power and human spaceflight is associated not only with cutting-edge technologies, but also with the deepest cultural aspects of civilization. By using this inspirational value of space the Space Awareness project aimed to attract young people into careers in space-related science and technology. Special attention was paid to stimulating interest amongst girls and ethnic minorities and reaching children in underprivileged communities. The project targeted diverse groups that are influential in the complex processes that lead to career decisions.