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Mission: Space Explorer

  • February 2018
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Space Awareness

Produced in the context of the Space Awareness project, the Mission: Space Explorers booklet is a peer-reviewed compendium of space-oriented citizen-science initiatives suitable for engaging young children and teenagers and stimulating them to consider a space-oriented career.

Among the citizen-science initiatives featured in the the compendium are: Cerberus, Cosmo Quest, Cyclone Centre, Disk Detective and Galaxy Zoo, to name just a few.

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Space Awareness (EUSPACE-AWE)

Space has a great inspirational power and human spaceflight is associated not only with cutting-edge technologies, but also with the deepest cultural aspects of civilization. By using this inspirational value of space the Space Awareness project aimed to attract young people into careers in space-related science and technology. Special attention was paid to stimulating interest amongst girls and ethnic minorities and reaching children in underprivileged communities. The project targeted diverse groups that are influential in the complex processes that lead to career decisions.