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It's time for the 2021 Ecsite Online Conference!

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The 2021 Ecsite Online Conference starts today!

We know that lots of you have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and for the Ecsite team it's no exception. Months of hard work and preparation have all come together and it's time to begin.

If you haven't already done so, take a look at the programme on our website and set up your own programme so that you don't miss those sessions you really want to join.

Our handy tips:

Get your workspace backdrop ready for a colourful photo challenge, prepare your meals beforehand and always have a drink close by, so you stay energised and hydrated the whole day!

Be there live! There's nothing like enjoying the community atmosphere and all networking possibilities, and you can't have that if you're not there at the same time!

Being live will allow you to jump into the Networking carousel: a "speed-meeting" area to meet peers in a fun and serendipitous way. You'll have three minutes to share your current projects and ideas, or just talk about life with other attendees you might not have met before! You can also start a one-on-one video chat or arrange a rendez-vous at the Café to chat with a specific person!

For any technical issues that you may face, you can find the HelpSpot on the Reception page on Hopin. Morgane will be there to help you out!

Conference flavours

Don't forget the flavours of these three days to get your creative ideas flowing! Here below is a little reminder.

Sprinkles - On the first day, we'll add a little bit of magic and excitement as we reconnect. Imagine the stars while listening to the brilliant astrophysicist Ewine van Dishoeck, whose keynote lecture is sponsored by The Kavli Prize, and end the day with a sparkling 'Ecsite Goes Eurovision' event.

Spice - On the second day, we'll add some seasoning, heat and tang to our discussions. It's also your chance to listen to the innovative John Falk and explore the wide variety of events in the Not-so-Nocturne.

Colour - On the last day of the Conference, it's time to celebrate! We're blending thoughts and ideas, and building a future together with 20-year-old climate activist Melati Wijsen. And expect some dancing involved to close the event!

Spread the word!

Want to help us share the news and convince your colleagues who haven't registered yet? Here is how to share that you are attending:

  • by sharing on social media that you're attending, or click here for all our Conference logos, badges, useful text, hashtags & social media links.
  • Twitter will be the social media channel most active during #Ecsite2021. You can share pictures, quotes... just make sure to use the #Ecsite2021 hashtag!

If you haven't registered yet, but reading all of this has whetted your appetite, it's not too late to join us. Simply click here to register!


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