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The 2021 Ecsite Online Conference will take place on 9-11 June 2021. Everyone committed to inspiring people with science and technology is invited to join the largest European science engagement conference and meet with 1,200+ peers. The Ecsite Conference is a unique professional development opportunity, offering an intense mix of intellectual stimulation, purposeful and creative sessions, business opportunities, and unparalleled networking …. all true to the spirit of the Ecsite community - creative, engaging, open and professional.

If you're planning on attending the Conference (or if you've already registered - thank you!), why not share the news and invite others to join us on 9-11 June. Below you'll find lots of handy information, links, badges (for your profile pictures) and logos in case you want to shout it from the digital rooftops!

Why block out 9-11 June 2021, each day from 12.00 to 18.00 CEST in your agendas?

- Meet 1,200+ professionals, make new contacts and say hi to old friends; private video chats, public conversations, interactive sessions and social events are just some of the many ways to network at the Conference.

- Be inspired by high-profile speakers and many parallel sessions carefully curated to cover a broad range of topics - from global challenges such as the pandemic and the climate crisis, to recurrent discussions on equity, informal learning, audience research and more. Find out more on the latest research in science and science engagement, or collect best practices related to the digital transformation, operations, marketing ...

- Explore the Conference's Business Buzz and discover exhibitions, products, services and projects. Exhibitors will deliver live Q&As, training sessions, product demos - a unique chance to make business when travelling isn't possible.

- Have fun! The Ecsite Conference is well known for its open and vibrant feel, with unmissable social events, out-of-the-box session formats, and a passionate community open to welcome new voices, test new concepts, merge disciplines and drive the science engagement field forward.

Main Conference page: https://www.ecsite.eu/conference
Registration page: https://www.ecsite.eu/conference/registration

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