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External events

E.g., 2021-06-14
Other 6 July 2021

In this last session, participants will learn about existing funding opportunities for citizen science projects at European level.

Other 29 June 2021

An opportunity for participants to envision the impact their projects could make.

Other 21 June 2021

The first event in this Workroom will feature an inspiring keynote speaker, Anne Bowser, and stories from Citizen science projects that have made an impact.

Other 18 June 2021 - 23 June 2021

With so many great initiatives in the space sector recently we are more than eager to connect again and reach out to even greater audience of space enthusiasts in 2021. Join the upcoming Ecsite Space Group activities, which will be spread over 3 days: 18th, 22nd and 23rd of June.

Workshop 10 May 2021

You are welcome to join the second online workshop within the opening up research series. This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear about the RETHINK project research findings and discuss their implications. We anticipate focusing particularly on how quality criteria could be applied by actors ranging from university press officers to bloggers.

Workshop 22 April 2021
Reflections on the tinkering process. Photo credit: Wonderful Idea Co.

In the final session we'll reflect on ways to document our work and collaborate with each other. We'll brainstorm ways to support professional development activities, try out one more project that can be facilitated at home using everyday materials and return to the initial prompt of thinking about why tinkering is a valuable approach for all learners.

Workshop 15 April 2021
Week 3 takes a look at the learners' experience

In the third session we'll think together about the ways that tinkering involves a sense of co-creation. We'll hear participants’ and facilitators’ voices and discuss how we can support personal expression and engage with communities. We'll consider how the pandemic has provided challenges and opportunities for an inclusive practice.

Workshop 8 April 2021
Inspirations and frameworks for tinkering. Photo credit: Wonderful Idea Co.

During the second workshop we'll meet some artists, scientists and makers from around the world and see how their approach can inspire our explorations. We'll try out a hands-on activity together and reflect on different ways of describing the goals and outcomes of the tinkering experience.

Workshop 1 April 2021
Tinkering at home. Credit: Wonderful Idea Co.

In the first session of the Workroom we'll get to know each other, try an open-ended activity designed for online tinkering workshops and discuss how the pandemic has changed and complicated tinkering projects, programmes and environments both online and in-person.

Other 7 April 2021
Credit vog.photo at Ars Electronica

In our final week young learners from across Europe will be placed on centre stage: for us to construct a shared narrative of the future we need to understand the experiences and world views of the next generation.


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Spokes magazine #71, April 2021

IN DEPTH: Change-makers of tomorrow by Marie Hobson, Nikolaj Møller, Camilla Tham and Annesofie Norn

LOOKOUT: Exploring the world of immersion with Raphaël Chanay

COLUMN: Celebrating Ecsite's digital offerings by Herbert Münder

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