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The Ecsite Environmental Emergency Pledge

Ecsite has announced the launch of the Ecsite Environmental Emergency Pledge and a programme of activities exclusively for its members.

The initiative was introduced during the Directors Forum 2022 in Amsterdam in November, and was subsequently refined and presented in member consultation meetings in February.

The Ecsite Environmental Emergency Pledge is a statement of intent designed to mobilise and communicate actions towards environmental responsibility. It aims to encourage members to take small steps in the right direction, without the expectation of achieving a CarbonZero status by 2024.

Accompanying the Pledge is the Idea Box, which offers support and inspiration for members to take their first steps towards environmental sustainability.

Ecsite members are invited to share the Pledge with their teams and sign up as an organisation. For those attending the 2023 Ecsite Conference, there will be a live Pledge signing moment.

To support members in their journey towards environmental sustainability, Ecsite has developed a programme of weekly ‘Insights Live!’ sessions throughout 2023. These sessions aim to inspire and motivate members to drive change, regardless of their organisation's current stage of environmental sustainability. Members will automatically receive an invitation to join, but those who would like to receive an invitation may email communications@ecsite.eu.

Ecsite encourages members to share their ideas and achievements related to environmental sustainability with the network by emailing communications@ecsite.eu. Ecsite hopes to demonstrate its commitment to environmental responsibility through this initiative and inspire its members to take action towards a more sustainable future.