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Call for a booth designer

Ecsite is looking for a booth designer for the 2023 Ecsite Conference in Malta, 15 - 17 June 2023.


Starting 15 June in Malta, the Ecsite Conference will gather about 1,000 attendees. Participants at the conference will be professionals (CEOs, management staff, explainers, etc.) of European and worldwide science centres, museums, and other science engagement organizations.

Our needs

A free space “booth” will be installed at the conference venue to showcase our engagement in European Projects.
School as Living Labs (SALL) is the focus project, and the overall design of this booth should be based on the SALL visual identity. The TechEthos, Make it Open and SocKETS projects will also be contributing to the running of this booth.
Ecsite is looking for a designer to develop a 2x3m2 booth based on the following ideas:

  • A postcard stand
  • Sticker bombing
  • A comment wall/Feedback board
  • A vending machine that dispenses short stories
  • Solutions for physical and digital product display

Required tasks and deliverables

  • An all-in design and products delivered in Malta of a 2x3m2 trade show booth
  • Based on the visual identity of the European project “School as Living Labs (SALL)” (all visual assets attached in this call), design necessary visual elements for the booth concept (e.g. panels, posters, small constructions or decorative items…)
  • Building appealing visuals to showcase existing digital project outputs of different formats (videos, documents, and website)
  • Designing digital content/postcards showcasing our projects with existing materials

Selection criteria

  • The ability to design and produce (all-in) is preferred
  • Demonstrated track record of working on similar missions
  • Clear and well-defined working process
  • Relevance and creativity of the initial ideas presented in the proposal
  • For sustainability reasons, designers located in Malta or nearby are preferred
  • A handling and reusing materials plan would be a strong asset


  • 17 April: applications due EXTENDED UNTIL 3 May
  • 19 April: 2 to 3 candidates will be selected based on the above criteria and notified.
  • 24 and 25 April: Zoom calls (time slot at 14.00 and another one at 16.00 CEST) with selected candidates
  • By 27 April: Selection of the designer to be made public
  • 7 May: deliver the first draft
  • 8 May: feedback from the Ecsite office
  • 12 May: deliver the final draft
  • 13 June: delivery and installation (by Ecsite staff) onsite at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (Malta)

How to apply

Please prepare a single document, including links to:

  • A portfolio of projects similar to the present brief, proving your ability to fulfil this mission;
  • Explain your approach to working with clients and with Ecsite.

Please send your document to Pere Vilanova, Project Manager pvilanova@ecsite.eu.


Deadline for applications

3 May

MAX Budget

10,200€ excluding VAT (including equipment and delivery)