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2021 Call for Ecsite Board candidates and Presidency

Members were chosen at the Ecsite Board meeting on 28 February

Eight trustees seats are open this year and the Presidency is also open for election in 2021; all candidatures must be received by 15 March.

The Presidency is open to organisations that are Full members of Ecsite in 2021 and that have served or are serving on the Ecsite Board. The mandate of the President is of two years, renewable once for another two years, elected each time by the Full members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Candidates for the position of Board trustee need to represent an organisation that is a Full member of Ecsite in 2021. The duration of the mandate of a trustee is of two years, renewable twice, for a maximum of six consecutive years on the Board.

Check all details and information on how to apply. You can refer to the current Board composition, as well as the Internal regulations for legal provisions.



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