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Rethinking science communication: opening up research to peers

15 February 2021
  • Workshop

This online workshop series is aimed at engaging the community of science communication professionals and scholars in order to reflect on the latest research outcomes together. This is a great opportunity to hear more about the latest research findings in the field and to meet and reflect together on the most useful tools for the community. There will be lots of interaction, digital post-its and an ambition for shared outcomes. Join us to become our critical friend.

#1 Making sense of (mis)information in a digital world

The first workshop will look at the research results related to how insights into sensemaking could help us deal with the abundance of fragmented, incomplete and sometimes misleading information. We will present the results of 7 European workshops with science communicators that explored the issue of making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic. How science communicators can adapt to the reality of sensemaking practices to support dialogue about the pandemic? And how can we support each other to move forward? All of these and other questions will be explored in an interactive workshop aimed at sharing best practices and inspiring future research activities.

Led by Dr Frank Kupper, Virgil Rerimassie, Tessa Roedema – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

15 February 2021, 14:30 CET

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#2 Good quality science communication in a digital world

This workshop will look at the quality criteria for good science communication. How has it changed in the digital world? Are the uncertain times we are facing having an impact on these criteria? We will look at the quality criteria that RETHINK came up with and challenge these with our peers.

Led by Dr Emma Weitkamp – University of the West of England, Dr Birte Fähnrich – Zeppelin University

April 2021 – date TBC

#3 How can we make science communication inclusive?

Equity and inclusion in science communication is a major concern shared by many professionals, including members of the RETHINK community. In this workshop we will explore what roles science communicators need to play and what skills should they have in order to make their science communication practices inclusive?

Led by Andy Ridgway, Dr Claire Wilkinson – University of the West of England

September 2021 – date TBC


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Science communication is at a pivotal stage in its evolution due to the emergence of digital communication platforms that are not only presenting new opportunities but are also leading to new challenges. RETHINK is creating an unprecedented view of the new science communication landscape to reveal the barriers and inequalities that stand in the way of open and reflexive connections between science and society. It will also present the way forward, encouraging evidence-based transformations in science communication practice as well as guiding relevant policy to further open Research & Innovation (R&I) to society.