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Ecsite Space Group’s Annual Meeting at ESRIN, ESA’s Centre for Earth Observation, Italy

Cristina Paca

Project Manager


27 January 2020 - 28 January 2020
  • Workshop
Armillary sphere in ESRIN. Copyright ESA-S. Corvaja
ESA Phi Experience. Credit Mario Pietravalle.ESRIN's ground facilities. Copyright ESA-S. Corvaja

In cooperation with the European Space Agency – ESA, the Ecsite Space Group cordially invites all interested representatives of science engagement organisations to join the upcoming Ecsite Space Group Annual Meeting 2019 hosted at ESRIN – the ESA Centre for Earth Observation - in Frascati (Rome), Italy, on 27-28 January 2020.

Participants can expect opportunities to connect with representatives of the European Space Agency, national space agencies and space industries, and a platform to share resources and updates with peers. They will also get a behind-the-scenes look: one of the five ESA specialised centres, ESA/ESRIN hosts an Earth observation multimedia centre for professionals, schools, and the general public, comprising of a demonstration Control Room (CREOP) that transports visitors into the world of satellites, an interactive Earth data visualisation space (the ‘Φ Experience’), and a long-term data preservation exhibit area (Heritage Missions Walkthrough).

The draft programme and practical information can be consulted below.

Attending the event is free of charge and everybody interested in engaging the public with space is welcome to take part. To register, please get in touch with Cristina Paca, cpaca@ecsite.eu.

Practical information

Getting to ESRIN

Where to stay in Frascati: Hotel Colonna | Hotel Flora | Villa Mercede | Villa Grazioli

More about ESA/ESRIN

More about the Earth Observation Multimedia Centre at ESA/ESRIN


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