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2020 pre-Conference workshops

9 June 2020 - 10 June 2020
2019 Ecsite pre-Conference workshop. © Ecsite / Experimentarium  Photographers: Anders Bruun

The two days preceding the Ecsite Conference (or so-called "pre-Conference") are dedicated to one- and two-day in-depth workshops. A wide range of training courses will be offered, on Space, futures thinking, equity and diversity, co-design and much more. This is your chance to meet specialist peers and join communities of practice around specific topics. Some of the workshops will be run by Ecsite's thematic groups.

Check out the different workshops's abstracts and detailed programmes:

9 & 10 JUNE - 2 day workshops
Space for today's challenges

with Ecsite's Space Group
Ana Noronha, Marc Moutin and Maria Menendez

In a time when science engagement organisations and professionals are increasingly called upon to foster more sustainable futures, what role can Space play?... continue reading

All about play

Roy Schedler, Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska, Elizabeth McGregor Jacobides, Maartje Raijmakers, Peter Wardrip, Claire Pillsbury, Ian Russell, Harry White, Cristina Riesen

What makes play meaningful? What makes an exhibit playful? Play has always been an integral feature within science centres. While traditional museums strive to convert their collections into creative learning environments, interactive exhibits... continue reading

Natural history museums: what next?

Raphael Chanay, Uwe Moldrzyk, Thomas B Berg, Annemarie van Eekeren, Paolo Legato, Caroline Breunesse, Anders Drud Jordan, Henrik Sell, Linda Gallé, Basil Thüring, Pierre Coulon

Natural history museums play an important role in bridging communication gaps between science, society and politics. In times of growing urgency we have to act against a variety of environmental issues such as climate change and loss of... continue reading

Prototyping futures thinking games

Stacey Freeman, Leonardo Svarc, Paolo Degiovanni, Sandra Rodegher, Elizabeth Bagley

This one-day prototyping workshop is for anyone with a desire to engage with the concept of futures thinking related to sustainability and engineering. Science communicators and educators from around the globe will share examples of... continue reading

Art and artists in museum MakerSpaces

Ryan Jenkins, Sebastian Martin, Marina Leonard, Reid Bingham, Beatriz Rey, Raquel Arévalo, Ida Hirsenfelder

Art and artists can inspire children, visitors and us to think about museums in new ways. As more and more science organisations explore possibilities for tinkering-based programmes and environments, artists can also play their part. This pre-... continue reading

Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion

Barbara Streicher, Amparo Leyman Pino, Antonia Caola, Sheena Laursen, David Jones, Alexia Sonnois, Vanessa Mignan, Elizabeth Rasekoala, Bojan Markicevic

The diversity and inclusion working group has an ambitious goal: to create a framework that will support the efforts on more equitable science engagement. This pre-conference workshop is an opportunity for everyone from any level of expertise... continue reading

Theatrical science programmes: testing tools

Sarai Lenzberger, Jörg Ehtreiber, Miha Golob, Ajda Rooss, Saša Novak, Uroš Korenčan

The educational role of theatre has been recognised since ancient times. Storytelling and drama provide the perfect framework and impetus for learning, as they offer an emotional connection to the topic on hand. This pre-Conference workshop... continue reading

Foresight: a practical introduction

Peter Bishop, Vesa Lepistö, Gabriele Zipf, Rosalina Babourkova

Futures thinking - also known as foresight - is emerging as a novel approach to navigate complexity in decision-making and to enable the co-creation of innovative solutions and futures of societies. But how can futures thinking and foresight... continue reading

Sustainability and science centres: capacity building

Rae Ostman, Elizabeth Bagley, Rae Ostman, Chris Dunford, Friso Visser

The ultimate goal of involving our communities in shaping the kind of future we want to live in is highly sought-after. Using the UN sustainable development goals as a framework, this highly interactive workshop focuses on creating and... continue reading

Co-design in science education activities

Travel grants available for this workshop

Maria Zоlоtоnоsа, Eva Durall, Mairead Hurley, Gène Bertrand, Carmen Fenollosa, Matteo Merzagora, Will Hunter

Are you convinced about the benefits of co-design but too afraid to let go? We hear you! That is why we are inviting... continue reading

Artist collaborations in action

Camilla Rossi-Linnemann, Ines Montalvao, Samar D. Kirresh, Jurij Krpan, Marina Leonard, Michael Bradke, Maria João Fonseca

For many of us, working with artists is both a dream and a challenge. This one-day pre-Conference workshop gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into reflection and experimentation surrounding the professional practice of such collaborations... continue reading

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