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Directors Forum

Every autumn, the senior managers of Ecsite's Full Member institutions meet for a two-day seminar to exchange views, make trends and discuss key developments in science engagement. Each year, the event is hosted by one of the participating organisations and strategic discussions centre around a special theme.

In 2009 the Ecsite Directors' Forum was held in Experimentarium, Hellerup, Denmark from the 20-21 November 2009.

The directors of the 90 Full Members of Ecsite discussed the questions: How do we best communicate the science behind the climate change? How do we communicate the risk that the climate change imposes upon us?

The 2008 Ecsite Directors Forum was hosted by Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe - Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain. Under the theme "the power of people," directors had the opportunity to discuss the role of human resources in their institution.