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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Equity & Inclusion
Spela GodecLouise Archer Kirsi PulkkinenMariana Rama Pedro AlvesRafael GalupaAmanda ColbourneMicaela BalzerAngela Calabrese BartonSanne den AdelAmparo Leyman Pino

Equity is a key focus of informal science learning. This session will introduce a new tool, the Equity Compass, co-produced in an international research-practice partnership to help practitioners reflect on and develop equitable practice. The...

Science ♥ society
Claire PillsburySarah AlexanderIliana TatsiBarbara Maria NeffMichael John Gorman

Scientific themes can be challenging to communicate and at the same time imperative for science centres and related institutions to help visitors understand. Art is a meaningful, engaging and accessible way of communicating complex ideas and...

Erik TorstenssonJon HaavieJørn HafverBianca VioletBrenda ShivanandanOla Kleiven

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in more and more applications and is affecting our reality in new and challenging ways. Science centres have a unique opportunity and obligation to educate and engage the general public in this. In this...

Say goodbye and thank you to our 2022 hosts and hello to the Esplora Science Centre team who will be welcoming us to sunny Malta next year for the 2023 Ecsite Conference (15-17 June 2023).

Science ♥ society
Khalil ThirlawayBarbara StreicherSheena LaursenKhalil Thirlaway

An ideation workshop focusing on creative approaches to engaging audiences with topics that might be considered controversial or challenging, such as the social/political/economic aspects of our relationships with nature, health and technology....

Equity & Inclusion
David JonesMeie van LaarRebecca ButtigiegGéraldine Delaforge

25% of the EU population consider themselves to have some level of disability. Working in partnership and creating environments for communities to have their voices heard does not happen overnight. Organisations need to learn to listen to...

Equity & Inclusion
Sheena LaursenElin Ravndal BellClaire Förster

Can we attract people we don’t usually reach and are there different ways to be accessible? This session will bring examples of different approaches and ways of reaching out to families, young people and children who don’t usually visit our...

Michael RenvillardCasper Aarlit JensenRoberta Sandri

This workshop has a capacity of 30 participants.

Children learn best through play; it’s an essential part of child development.

Children already know that play is their superpower, and it is the LEGO Foundation’s goal to convince...

Exhibit development
Mikko MyllykoskiANA MARIA NAVAS IANNINIJussi KahlosErminia Pedretti

This workshop session will cover the topics of scientific literacy, science communication and science exhibition typologies. Through the exploration of a controversial science exhibit about mental health we will invite participants to reflect...

Science ♥ society
Brendan OwensMairéad HurleySophie PerryLottie Dodwell

This interactive workshop will create a space to come together and better understand our role as enablers of a just and sustainable future, and consider how to create spaces to encourage transformative climate action rather than short-term fixes...

Research, theory & evaluation
Marios PapaevripidouYvoni PavlouShaun UssherKatarzyna Potega vel Zabik

Transforming science education to address 21st century challenges is one of the top priorities of our field. Evaluation is a key component to ensure the successful development and application of relevant initiatives. However, it is often...

Strategy & vision
Michèle ANTOINECaroline JulienStephane BerghmansDave PattenAudrey Korczynska

Digital immersive technologies are relatively new in science centres and museums. Their use for educational purposes raises tremendous potential as well as numerous challenges. More and more structures take the leap and invest in temporary...