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Tinkering with AI: a hands-on workshop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in more and more applications and is affecting our reality in new and challenging ways. Science centres have a unique opportunity and obligation to educate and engage the general public in this. In this workshop we will get to know what AI is, how it works, and some of the challenges it raises. We will also make our own AI-algorithms, use them with microcontrollers (micro:bit) and build amazing inventions to explore how AI can be used as a creative tool.

The workshop will be organised in different working stations combining high tech tools, such as programmable AI-cameras, Teachable Machine and micro:bit, to low-tech fun like straws and cardboard. As a participant you will be able to make and play with your own AI-controlled inventions.

The Tinkering Space at the 2022 Ecsite Conference is sponsored by the LEGO Foundation.


Session speakers

Amazing picture of Erik Torstensson in a geodesic dome
Erik is crazy about making invention with straws. In this workshop he will combine AI with micro:bit and Strawbees.
Makerspace educator
Norsk Teknisk Museum
Jon thinks everyone, adults and kids alike, should make their own AI algorithms in order to understand the possibilities, challenges and also the playfulness of AI.
Science communicator
With background from the national micro:bit project super:bit, Jørn is bringing experience in using microcontrollers with students in many different settings.
Roman Candy - an algebraic surface
Science Communicator
Bianca Violet is a mathematician with over 12 years of experience in the communication of current mathematical research. She leads IMAGINARY's AI workshop project, where she works with a team of 12 people on the AI curriculum content, designs and conducts online and offline workshops and trainings in 30 countries, and is in close exchange with teachers and organizations that use the I AM A.I. content themselves.
Project Manager
Brenda is working for the Canadian non-profit organization Steamlabs.ca.
Ola Kleiven
Educator / Project Manager
Vitensenteret i Trondheim